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   subcategory  provides an  ample  margin of  safety to  protect the

   public health.   Nothing in this subsection shall preclude or deny

   the right of any State  or political subdivision thereof  to adopt

   or  enforce any  standard or  limitation  respecting emissions  of

   radionuclides  which  is  more  stringent  than  the  standard  or

   limitation in effect under section 111 or this section.

      "(10) Effective  date.-Emission standards or  other regulations

   promulgated   under  this  subsection   shall  be  effective  upon


   "(e) Schedule for standards and review.-

      "(1) In general.-The Administrator shall promulgate regulations

   establishing emission standards for  categories and  subcategories

   of sources initially listed for regulation  pursuant to subsection

   (c)(1) as expeditiously as practicable, assuring that-

         "(A) emission standards for not less than 40  categories and

      subcategories  (not counting  coke  oven  batteries)  shall  be

      promulgated  not later than 2 years after the date of enactment

      of the Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990;

         "(B)  emission standards  for coke  oven batteries  shall be

      promulgated not later than December 31, 1992;

         "(C)  emission standards  for  25 per  centum of  the listed

      categories and  subcategories shall  be promulgated  not  later

      than 4 years after the  date of enactment of the Clean  Air Act

      Amendments of 1990;

         "(D) emission standards  for an additional 25 per  centum of

      the listed  categories and subcategories  shall be  promulgated

      not later than 7 years after the date of enactment of the Clean

      Air Act Amendments of 1990; and

         "(E) emission standards for all categories and subcategories

      shall be promulgated not later than 10 years after the date  of

      enactment of the Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990.

      "(2) In determining priorities for promulgating standards under

   subsection (d), the Administrator shall consider-

         "(A)  the  known  or  anticipated  adverse  effects  of such

      pollutants on public health and the environment;

         "(B) the  quantity and  location of  emissions or reasonably

      anticipated  emissions of  hazardous  air pollutants  that each

      category or subcategory will emit; and

         "(C) the efficiency  of grouping categories or subcategories

      according  to  the  pollutants  emitted, or  the  processes  or

      technologies used.

      "(3)  Published schedule.-Not  later than  24 months  after the

   date  of enactment of  the Clean  Air Act  Amendments of  1990 and

   after opportunity for  comment, the Administrator shall  publish a

   schedule  establishing a  date for  the  promulgation of  emission

   standards  for each  category and  subcategory  of sources  listed

   pursuant to  subsection (c)(1)  and (3) which  shall be consistent

   with  the   requirements  of   paragraphs  (1)   and  (2).     The

   determination of  priorities  for  the promulgation  of  standards

   pursuant  to this paragraph is  not a rulemaking and  shall not be

   subject to  judicial review,  except that,  failure to  promulgate

   any  standard  pursuant  to  the  schedule   established  by  this

   paragraph  shall be  subject to review  under section  304 of this


      "(4) Judicial review.-Notwithstanding section  307 of this Act,

   no action  of the  Administrator adding  a pollutant  to the  list

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