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      in the category or subcategory to less than one in one million,

      the  Administrator   shall  promulgate  standards   under  this

      subsection for such source category.

         "(B) Nothing in subparagraph  (A) or in any other  provision

      of this section shall be construed as affecting, or applying to

      the Administrator's  interpretation  of  this  section,  as  in

      effect  before the  date  of enactment  of  the Clean  Air  Act

      Amendments of 1990  and set  forth in the  Federal Register  of

      September 14, 1989 (54 Federal Register 38044).

         "(C)  The Administrator  shall determine  whether or  not to

      promulgate such standards and,  if the Administrator decides to

      promulgate  such standards,  shall promulgate  the  standards 8

      years after promulgation of  the standards under subsection (d)

      for each source category or subcategory concerned.  In the case

      of  categories  or  subcategories  for  which  standards  under

      subsection (d) are  required to be  promulgated within 2  years

      after  the date of enactment of the Clean Air Act Amendments of

      1990, the  Administrator shall have 9  years after promulgation

      of the standards under subsection (d) to make the determination

      under the  preceding sentence  and, if required,  to promulgate

      the standards under this paragraph.

      "(3) Effective date.-Any emission standard established pursuant

   to this subsection shall become effective upon promulgation.

      "(4) Prohibition.-No  air pollutant  to which a  standard under

   this subsection  applies may be emitted from any stationary source

   in violation  of  such standard,  except that  in the  case of  an

   existing source-

         "(A) such standard  shall not apply until 90 days  after its

      effective date, and

         "(B) the  Administrator may  grant a  waiver permitting such

      source a period of up to  2 years after the effective date of a

      standard to comply with the standard if the Administrator finds

      that such period is necessary for the installa-

      tion of controls and that steps will be taken during the period

      of  the waiver  to assure  that the health  of persons  will be

      protected from imminent endangerment.

      "(5) Area  sources.-The Administrator shall not  be required to

   conduct any  review under this  subsection or promulgate  emission

   limitations under this subsection for any  category or subcategory

   of area sources that is  listed pursuant to subsection  (c)(3) and

   for  which  an  emission  standard  is   promulgated  pursuant  to

   subsection (d)(5).

      "(6)  Unique chemical substances.-In establishing standards for

   the control  of unique  chemical substances  of listed  pollutants

   without CAS  numbers  under  this  subsection,  the  Administrator

   shall  establish such  standards with  respect to  the  health and

   environmental  effects  of  the  substances  actually  emitted  by

   sources and direct transformation byproducts of  such emissions in

   the categories and subcategories.

   "(g) Modifications.-

      "(1) Offsets.-

         "(A)  A physical  change  in,  or change  in the  method  of

      operation of, a major source which results in a greater than de

      minimis  increase  in  actual  emissions  of  a  hazardous  air

      pollutant  shall  not be  considered  a  modification, if  such

      increase in the  quantity of actual emissions  of any hazardous

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