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   design or equipment.

      "(2) Definition.-For the purpose of this subsection, the phrase

   `not  feasible to prescribe or enforce an emission standard' means

   any situation in which the Administrator determines that-

         "(A)  a  hazardous air  pollutant  or  pollutants  cannot be

      emitted through  a conveyance designed and  constructed to emit

      or  capture such pollutant, or that any requirement for, or use

      of, such  a conveyance would be inconsistent  with any Federal,

      State or local law, or

         "(B)  the  application  of  measurement  methodology   to  a

      particular  class   of  sources  is  not   practicable  due  to

      technological and economic limitations.

      "(3) Alternative standard.-If after notice  and opportunity for

   comment, the  owner or operator of  any source  establishes to the

   satisfaction of  the Administrator  that an  alternative means  of

   emission  limitation will achieve a  reduction in emissions of any

   air pollutant at least  equivalent to  the reduction in  emissions

   of such  pollutant achieved  under the  requirements of  paragraph

   (1), the  Administrator shall permit  the use of such  alternative

   by the  source for purposes of  compliance with  this section with

   respect to such pollutant.

      "(4)  Numerical  standard  required.-Any  standard  promulgated

   under paragraph (1) shall be  promulgated in terms of  an emission

   standard  whenever it  is  feasible to  promulgate and  enforce  a

   standard in such terms.

   "(i) Schedule for Compliance.-

      "(1)  Preconstruction  and  operating  requirements.-After  the

   effective   date  of   any  emission   standard,  limitation,   or

   regulation  under  subsection  (d),  (f)  or  (h),  no  person may

   construct  any new major source or  reconstruct any existing major

   source   subject  to   such  emission   standard,   regulation  or

   limitation unless  the  Administrator (or  a State  with a  permit

   program approved under title  V) determines  that such source,  if

   properly  constructed,  reconstructed and  operated,  will  comply

   with the standard, regulation or limitation.

      "(2)   Special   rule.-Notwithstanding   the  requirements   of

   paragraph  (1),  a  new source  which  commences  construction  or

   reconstruction  after   a  standard,   limitation  or   regulation

   applicable to such  source is proposed and  before such  standard,

   limitation or regulation  is promulgated shall not be  required to

   comply  with  such  promulgated standard  until  the date  3 years

   after the date of promulgation if-

         "(A) the  promulgated standard, limitation or  regulation is

      more  stringent  than the  standard,  limitation  or regulation

      proposed; and

         "(B) the  source complies with  the standard, limitation, or

      regulation  as proposed  during the  3-year  period immediately

      after promulgation.

      "(3) Compliance schedule for existing sources.-

         "(A)  After the  effective date  of any  emissions standard,

      limitation or  regulation promulgated  under this  section  and

      applicable  to a source, no  person may operate  such source in

      violation of such standard, limitation or regulation except, in

      the  case  of  an  existing  source,  the  Administrator  shall

      establish  a compliance  date  or dates  for  each category  or

      subcategory  of  existing  sources,  which  shall  provide  for

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