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      based  on   information  for  such  source,   received  by  the

      Administrator  prior to  the  enactment of  the  Clean Air  Act

      Amendments of  1990, pursuant to an  information request issued

      under section 114.

         "(D)  For  each  source  granted  an  alternative   emission

      limitation under this paragraph there shall be established by a

      permit  issued  pursuant to  title  V  an enforceable  emission

      limitation   for  hazardous   air  pollutants   reflecting  the

      reduction  which  qualifies  the   source  for  an  alternative

      emission  limitation  under  this  paragraph.    An alternative

      emission limitation under this paragraph shall not be available

      with  respect to standards or requirements promulgated pursuant

      to subsection (f) and the Administrator  shall, for the purpose

      of  determining  whether a  standard  under  subsection (f)  is

      necessary, review emissions from sources granted an alternative

      emission limitation under  this paragraph at the same time that

      other sources in the category or subcategory are reviewed.

         "(E)  With respect  to pollutants  for which  high  risks of

      adverse public health effects may be associated with expo-

      sure  to  small  quantities  including,  but  not  limited  to,

      chlorinated  dioxins and  furans,  the  Administrator shall  by

      regulation limit the use  of offsetting reductions in emissions

      of  other hazardous air pollutants  from the source as counting

      toward the 90 per centum reduction in such high-risk pollutants

      qualifying  for an alternative  emissions limitation under this


      "(6) Other reductions.-Notwithstanding the requirements of this

   section, no existing source that has installed-

         "(A)  best  available  control  technology  (as  defined  in

      section 169(3)), or

         "(B)   technology  required  to  meet  a  lowest  achievable

      emission  rate (as  defined  in section  171),   prior  to  the

      promulgation  of a  standard under  this section  applicable to

      such  source and the  same pollutant (or  stream of pollutants)

      controlled pursuant to an  action described in subparagraph (A)

      or (B) shall  be required  to comply with  such standard  under

      this  section until the  date 5 years  after the date  on which

      such installation or reduction has been achieved, as determined

      by  the Administrator.  The Administrator  may issue such rules

      and guidance as are necessary to implement this paragraph.

      "(7) Extension for new sources.-A source for which construction

   or  reconstruction  is  commenced  after  the   date  an  emission

   standard  applicable  to  such  source  is  proposed  pursuant  to

   subsection  (d)   but  before  the   date  an  emission   standard

   applicable to such source is  proposed pursuant to subsection  (f)

   shall not be required to  comply with the emission  standard under

   subsection   (f)  until   the  date   10  years  after   the  date

   construction or reconstruction is commenced.

      "(8) Coke ovens.

         "(A) Any coke oven  battery that complies with the  emission

      limitations    established    under    subsection    (d)(8)(C),

      subparagraph (B),  and subparagraph (C), and  complies with the

      provisions  of  subparagraph  (E),  shall not  be  required  to

      achieve emission  limitations promulgated under  subsection (f)

      until January 1, 2020.

         "(B)(i) Not later  than December 31, 1992, the Administrator

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