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      operator  of any  coke oven  battery may  elect to  comply with

      emission limitations  promulgated under  subsection (f)  by the

      date such  emission limitations  would otherwise apply  to such

      coke  oven battery, in lieu of the emission limitations and the

      compliance dates  provided under  subparagraphs (B) and  (C) of

      this  paragraph.  Any such  owner or operator  shall be legally

      bound  to  comply  with such  emission  limitations promulgated

      under  subsection (f) with respect to such coke oven battery as

      of January 1, 2003.  If no  such emission limitations have been

      promulgated for such coke oven battery, the Administrator shall

      promulgate such

      emission limitations in accordance with subsection (f) for such

      coke oven battery.

         "(E) Coke  oven batteries qualifying  for an extension under

      subparagraph (A) shall make available not later than January 1,

      2000, to  the surrounding communities  the results of  any risk

      assessment performed  by  the Administrator  to  determine  the

      appropriate level  of any emission standard  established by the

      Administrator pursuant to subsection (f).

         "(F)  Notwithstanding  the  provisions   of  this   section,

      reconstruction of any source  of coke oven emissions qualifying

      for an  extension under this  paragraph shall not  subject such

      source  to  emission  limitations  under  subsection  (f)  more

      stringent  than those established  under subparagraphs  (B) and

      (C)   until  January  1,  2020.    For  the  purposes  of  this

      subparagraph,   the   term   "reconstruction"    includes   the

      replacement  of existing  coke oven  battery capacity  with new

      coke oven batteries of  comparable or lower capacity and  lower

      potential emissions.

   "(j) Equivalent Emission Limitation by Permit.-

      "(1) Effective date.-The requirements of this  subsection shall

   apply in each  State beginning on the  effective date of a  permit

   program  established pursuant  to title V  in such  State, but not

   prior to  the date 42  months after the date  of enactment of  the

   Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990.

      "(2) Failure to  promulgate a standard.-In  the event that  the

   Administrator  fails to promulgate  a standard  for a  category or

   subcategory of major  sources by the date established  pursuant to

   subsection  (e)(1)  and (3),  and beginning  18 months  after such

   date (but not  prior to  the effective  date of  a permit  program

   under title V), the owner  or operator of any major source in such

   category or  subcategory shall submit  a permit application  under

   paragraph (3)  and such owner or  operator shall  also comply with

   paragraphs (5) and (6).

      "(3)  Applications.-By the date  established by  paragraph (2),

   the  owner  or   operator  of  a  major  source  subject  to  this

   subsection  shall file an application for a  permit.  If the owner

   or operator  of  a source  has  submitted  a timely  and  complete

   application  for a permit required by this subsection, any failure

   to  have a  permit  shall not  be a  violation  of paragraph  (2),

   unless  the delay in  final action  is due  to the failure  of the

   applicant to  timely submit information  required or requested  to

   process  the application.  The  Administrator shall not later than

   18  months after  the  date  of enactment  of  the Clean  Air  Act

   Amendments of 1990, and  after notice and opportunity for comment,

   establish  requirements  for  applications  under this  subsection

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