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   including   a   standard  application   form   and  criteria   for

   determining in a timely manner the completeness of applications.

      "(4)  Review and approval.-Permit  applications submitted under

   this  subsection shall  be reviewed  and  approved or  disapproved

   according to the  provisions of  section 505.   In the event  that

   the Administrator (or the State) disapproves  a permit application

   submitted   under  this   subsection   or   determines  that   the

   application is incomplete, the applicant shall have up to 6

   months  to revise  the application to  meet the  objections of the

   Administrator (or the State).

      "(5) Emission limitation.-The  permit shall be  issued pursuant

   to  title  V  and  shall  contain  emission  limitations  for  the

   hazardous air pollutants subject to regulation  under this section

   and emitted  by the source that  the Administrator  (or the State)

   determines,  on a  case-by-case  basis,  to be  equivalent  to the

   limitation  that  would  apply  to  such  source  if  an  emission

   standard had been promulgated in a timely  manner under subsection

   (d).  In the alternative, if the applicable  criteria are met, the

   permit  may contain an  emissions limitation established according

   to  the provisions  of  subsection  (i)(5).  For purposes  of  the

   preceding   sentence,  the   reduction   required   by  subsection

   (i)(5)(A) shall  be achieved  by the  date on  which the  relevant

   standard should  have been  promulgated under  subsection (d).  No

   such pollutant  may be  emitted in  amounts exceeding  an emission

   limitation contained in a  permit immediately for new sources and,

   as  expeditiously as  practicable, but not  later than  the date 3

   years after  the permit  is issued  for existing  sources or  such

   other compliance date as would apply under subsection (i).

      "(6)    Applicability    of   subsequent    standards.-If   the

   Administrator  promulgates an emission standard that is applicable

   to  the  major  source  prior  to  the  date  on  which  a  permit

   application is  approved, the  emission limitation  in the  permit

   shall reflect  the promulgated standard  rather than the  emission

   limitation  determined pursuant  to paragraph  (5),  provided that

   the  source  shall  have  the  compliance  period  provided  under

   subsection  (i).   If  the  Administrator promulgates  a  standard

   under  subsection (d)  that would be  applicable to  the source in

   lieu of the emission  limitation established by permit  under this

   subsection  after the  date on which  the permit  has been issued,

   the Administrator  (or the  State) shall revise  such permit  upon

   the  next  renewal  to reflect  the  standard  promulgated by  the

   Administrator providing such  source a reasonable time  to comply,

   but no longer than 8  years after such standard is  promulgated or

   8 years after  the date on which  the source is first  required to

   comply  with the  emissions  limitation established  by  paragraph

   (5), whichever is earlier.  

   "(k) Area Source Program.-

      "(1) Findings and purpose.-The Congress finds that emissions of

   hazardous air  pollutants from area  sources may individually,  or

   in the  aggregate, present  significant risks to  public health in

   urban areas.   Considering the large number of persons exposed and

   the risks  of carcinogenic and other  adverse health  effects from

   hazardous  air  pollutants, ambient  concentrations characteristic

   of  large urban  areas should  be reduced to  levels substantially

   below those  currently experienced.   It  is the  purpose of  this

   subsection  to achieve  a substantial  reduction  in emissions  of

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