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      servation and Recovery  Act) or  by the States.   The  strategy

      shall  achieve   a  reduction   in  the  incidence   of  cancer

      attributable to exposure to hazardous air pollutants emitted by

      stationary sources of  not less than 75 per centum, considering

      control  of  emissions of  hazardous  air  pollutants from  all

      stationary  sources and resulting  from measures implemented by

      the Administrator or by the States under this or other laws.  

         "(D)  The  strategy  may  also  identify  research  needs in

      monitoring,  analytical  methodology,  modeling   or  pollution

      control techniques and recommendations  for changes in law that

      would further the goals and objectives of this subsection.

         "(E)  Nothing in  this  subsection shall  be  interpreted to

      preclude  or delay  implementation of  actions with  respect to

      area sources  of hazardous  air pollutants  under consideration

      pursuant to this  or any other law and  that may be promulgated

      before the strategy is prepared.

         "(F)  The  Administrator  shall implement  the  strategy  as

      expeditiously as  practicable assuring that all  sources are in

      compliance with all requirements  not later than 9  years after

      the date of enactment of the Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990.

         "(G)  As  part  of  such  strategy  the  Administrator shall

      provide for ambient monitoring  and emissions modeling in urban

      areas  as  appropriate  to   demonstrate  that  the  goals  and

      objectives of the strategy are being met.

      "(4) Areawide activities.-In addition to the national urban air

   toxics  strategy authorized  by paragraph  (3),  the Administrator

   shall also encourage and support areawide  strategies developed by

   State  or local  air pollution control  agencies that are intended

   to  reduce   risks  from  emissions  by   area  sources  within  a

   particular urban area.   From the funds available for grants under

   this section, the Administrator shall  set aside not less  than 10

   per  centum  to support  areawide strategies  addressing hazardous

   air pollutants emitted  by area sources and shall award such funds

   on  a demonstration  basis  to  those States  with  innovative and

   effective strategies.    At the  request  of  State or  local  air

   pollution  control  officials,  the  Administrator  shall  prepare

   guidelines for control technologies or  management practices which

   may be  applicable to various categories  or subcategories of area


      "(5) Report.-The Administrator shall  report to the Congress at

   intervals  not  later  than 8  and  12  years  after  the date  of

   enactment  of the  Clean  Air Act  Amendments  of 1990  on actions

   taken under this subsection and other parts of  this Act to reduce

   the risk  to public health  posed by the release  of hazardous air

   pollutants from  area sources.   The reports  shall also  identify

   specific  metropolitan  areas  that continue  to  experience  high

   risks to  public  health as  the  result  of emissions  from  area


   "(l) State Programs.-

      "(1)  In general.-Each  State  may develop  and  submit to  the

   Administrator for approval a program for the implementation

   and  enforcement (including  a  review of  enforcement delegations

   previously granted) of  emission standards and other  requirements

   for air pollutants  subject to  this section  or requirements  for

   the prevention and  mitigation of accidental releases  pursuant to

   subsection  (r).   A  program  submitted  by  a  State under  this

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