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   subsection  may provide for partial  or complete delegation of the

   Administrator's authorities and  responsibilities to implement and

   enforce  emissions standards and prevention requirements but shall

   not include authority  to set standards less stringent  than those

   promulgated by the Administrator under this Act.

      "(2)  Guidance.-Not later  than  12 months  after  the date  of

   enactment   of  the  Clean  Air   Act  Amendments   of  1990,  the

   Administrator  shall publish guidance that would  be useful to the

   States   in  developing   programs   for  submittal   under   this

   subsection.  The guidance shall also provide for the  registration

   of all facilities  producing, processing, handling or  storing any

   substance listed  pursuant to  subsection (r)  in amounts  greater

   than the threshold  quantity.  The Administrator shall  include as

   an element in such  guidance an optional program begun in 1986 for

   the  review   of  high-risk  point   sources  of  air   pollutants

   including, but  not limited  to, hazardous  air pollutants  listed

   pursuant to subsection (b).

      "(3)  Technical  assistance.-The Administrator  shall establish

   and maintain  an air  toxics clearinghouse  and center to  provide

   technical information and  assistance to State and  local agencies

   and, on  a cost recovery basis,  to others  on control technology,

   health  and  ecological  risk assessment,  risk  analysis, ambient

   monitoring   and   modeling,   and   emissions   measurement   and

   monitoring.   The Administrator shall use the authority of section

   103 to examine methods for preventing,  measuring, and controlling

   emissions and evaluating associated  health and ecological  risks.

   Where   appropriate,  such   activity  shall   be  conducted  with

   not-for-profit  organizations.    The  Administrator  may  conduct

   research  on  methods  for preventing,  measuring  and controlling

   emissions and evaluating associated health  and environment risks.

   All information collected under this paragraph  shall be available

   to the public.

      "(4) Grants.-Upon application of a State, the Administrator may

   make  grants,  subject   to  such  terms  and  conditions  as  the

   Administrator deems appropriate, to such  State for the purpose of

   assisting the State  in developing and implementing a  program for

   submittal and approval  under this subsection.   Programs assisted

   under this paragraph  may include program elements  addressing air

   pollutants  or extremely  hazardous  substances other  than  those

   specifically  subject  to   this  section.    Grants   under  this

   paragraph may  include support for  high-risk point source  review

   as provided in paragraph (2)  and support for the  development and

   implementation  of  areawide  area  source  programs  pursuant  to

   subsection (k).

      "(5)  Approval or  disapproval.-Not later  than 180  days after

   receiving  a program  submitted by a  State, and  after notice and

   opportunity for  public comment,  the  Administrator shall  either

   approve or disapprove such program.  The Administrator

   shall  disapprove  any  program  submitted  by  a  State,  if  the

   Administrator determines that-

         "(A)  the  authorities  contained  in  the  program  are not

      adequate  to assure compliance by  all sources within the State

      with  each  applicable   standard,  regulation  or  requirement

      established by the Administrator under this section;

         "(B)  adequate   authority  does  not   exist,  or  adequate

      resources are not available, to implement the program;

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