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      nonattainment with respect to  a secondary national ambient air

      quality standard shall be  the date by which attainment  can be

      achieved as  expeditiously as  practicable after the  date such

      area was designated nonattainment under section 107(d).   "(C)

      Upon application by any State, the Administrator may extend for

      1 additional  year (hereinafter  referred to as  the `Extension

      Year')  the  attainment date  determined  by the  Administrator

      under subparagraph (A) or (B) if-

           "(i)  the State  has complied  with  all requirements  and

         commitments  pertaining  to  the  area   in  the  applicable

         implementation plan, and

           "(ii)   in  accordance  with  guidance  published  by  the

         Administrator, no more  than a minimal number of exceedances

         of the  relevant national  ambient air  quality standard has

         occurred  in the  area in  the year preceding  the Extension


      No more than  2 one-year  extensions may be  issued under  this

      subparagraph for a single nonattainment area.

         "(D)  This  paragraph   shall  not  apply  with  respect  to

      nonattainment areas for which attainment dates are specifically

      provided under other provisions of this part.

   "(b) Schedule for Plan Submissions.-At the  time the Administrator

promulgates the  designation of an area as  nonattainment with respect

to a national ambient  air quality standard under section  107(d), the

Administrator shall establish a schedule  according to which the State

containing such area shall  submit a plan or plan  revision (including

the plan items) meeting the applicable requirements of  subsection (c)

and section 110(a)(2).  Such schedule  shall at a  minimum, include  a

date or dates, extending  no later than 3  years from the date  of the

nonattainment  designation,  for the  submission  of  a plan  or  plan

revision   (including  the   plan   items)  meeting   the   applicable

requirements of subsection (c) and section 110(a)(2).

   "(c)   Nonattainment   Plan   Provisions.-The   plan    provisions

(including  plan items) required to be submitted under this part shall

comply with each of the following:

      "(1)  In general.-Such  plan provisions  shall provide  for the

   implementation  of all  reasonably available  control measures  as

   expeditiously  as  practicable  (including   such  reductions   in

   emissions  from existing  sources in the  area as  may be obtained

   through  the  adoption,  at a  minimum,  of  reasonably  available

   control  technology)  and  shall provide  for  attainment  of  the

   national primary ambient air quality standards.

      "(2) RFP.-Such plan provisions shall require reasonable further


      "(3)   Inventory.-Such   plan   provisions  shall   include   a

   comprehensive,  accurate,  current  inventory of  actual emissions

   from all sources of the  relevant pollutant or pollutants  in such

   area, including such  periodic revisions as the  Administrator may

   determine  necessary to assure that  the requirements of this part

   are met.

      "(4)  Identification  and quantification.-Such  plan provisions

   shall expressly  identify and quantify  the emissions, if any,  of

   any  such  pollutant  or  pollutants which  will  be  allowed,  in

   accordance  with section 173(a)(1)(B),  from the  construction and

   operation  of major  new or  modified  stationary sources  in each

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