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         "(C) the schedule  for implementing the program and assuring

      compliance by affected sources is not sufficiently expeditious;


         "(D) the  program is  otherwise not in  compliance with  the

      guidance issued by  the Administrator under paragraph (2) or is

      not likely to satisfy, in  whole or in part, the objectives  of

      this Act.

      If  the   Administrator  disapproves   a  State   program,  the

      Administrator  shall  notify  the  State of  any  revisions  or

      modifications  necessary to  obtain  approval.   The State  may

      revise  and  resubmit  the  proposed  program  for  review  and

      approval pursuant to the provisions of this subsection.

      "(6) Withdrawal.-Whenever the  Administrator determines,  after

   public hearing, that  a State is not administering and enforcing a

   program approved  pursuant to this  subsection in accordance  with

   the  guidance   published  pursuant  to   paragraph  (2)  or   the

   requirements of paragraph  (5), the Administrator shall  so notify

   the State  and, if action which  will assure  prompt compliance is

   not  taken  within  90  days,  the  Administrator  shall  withdraw

   approval  of the  program.   The Administrator shall  not withdraw

   approval of any  program unless the State shall have been notified

   and the reasons for withdrawal  shall have been stated  in writing

   and made public.

      "(7) Authority  to enforce.-Nothing  in this  subsection  shall

   prohibit the Administrator  from enforcing any applicable emission

   standard or requirement under this section.

      "(8)  Local program.-The  Administrator may,  after  notice and

   opportunity for  public comment, approve  a program developed  and

   submitted  by  a   local  air  pollution  control   agency  (after

   consultation with  the State) pursuant to  this subsection and any

   such agency implementing an  approved program may take  any action

   authorized to be taken by a State under this section.

      "(9) Permit authority.-Nothing in this subsection  shall affect

   the authorities and obligations of the Administrator or the  State

   under title V.

   "(m) Atmospheric Deposition to Great Lakes and Coastal Waters.-  

      "(1) Deposition assessment.-The  Administrator, in  cooperation

   with  the Under  Secretary of Commerce  for Oceans and Atmosphere,

   shall  conduct a  program  to identify  and  assess the  extent of

   atmospheric deposition  of hazardous  air pollutants  (and in  the

   discretion  of the  Administrator, other  air  pollutants) to  the

   Great  Lakes,  the  Chesapeake Bay,  Lake  Champlain  and  coastal

   waters.  As part of such program, the Administrator shall-

         "(A)  monitor  the Great  Lakes,  the  Chesapeake  Bay, Lake

      Champlain and coastal waters, including monitoring of the Great

      Lakes  through the  monitoring network established  pursuant to

      paragraph (2) of this subsection and designing and deploying an

      atmospheric monitoring network for  coastal waters pursuant  to

      paragraph (4);

         "(B)  investigate  the   sources  and  deposition  rates  of

      atmospheric deposition of air pollutants (and their atmospheric

      transformation precursors);

         "(C)  conduct  research  to develop  and  improve monitoring

      methods  and  to   determine  the   relative  contribution   of

      atmospheric pollutants to total pollution loadings to the Great

      Lakes, the Chesapeake Bay, Lake Champlain, and coastal waters;

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