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         "(D) evaluate  any adverse  effects to public  health or the

      environment  caused  by  such  deposition   (including  effects

      resulting  from  indirect  exposure pathways)  and  assess  the

      contribution of such deposition  to violations of water quality

      standards established pursuant  to the Federal Water  Pollution

      Control Act and drinking  water standards established  pursuant

      to the Safe Drinking Water Act; and

         "(E) sample for such pollutants in biota, fish, and wildlife

      of  the Great  Lakes, the  Chesapeake  Bay, Lake  Champlain and

      coastal waters and characterize the sources of such pollutants.

      "(2)  Great lakes  monitoring network.-The  Administrator shall

   oversee, in  accordance with  Annex 15  of the  Great Lakes  Water

   Quality  Agreement, the  establishment and  operation  of a  Great

   Lakes  atmospheric  deposition   network  to  monitor  atmospheric

   deposition   of   hazardous    air   pollutants   (and    in   the

   Administrator's  discretion, other  air pollutants)  to the  Great


         "(A) As part of the network provided for in  this paragraph,

      and not later than December  31, 1991, the Administrator  shall

      establish  in each  of the 5  Great Lakes  at least  1 facility

      capable of  monitoring the atmospheric deposition  of hazardous

      air pollutants in both dry and wet conditions.

         "(B) The Administrator  shall use  the data provided  by the

      network to  identify and track  the movement  of hazardous  air

      pollutants through the Great Lakes, to determine the portion of

      water pollution loadings attributable to atmospheric deposition

      of  such pollutants,  and  to support  development of  remedial

      action  plans and  other management  plans as  required by  the

      Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement.

         "(C) The Administrator  shall assure that the data collected

      by the Great Lakes atmospheric deposition monitoring network is

      in  a  format  compatible   with  databases  sponsored  by  the

      International Joint  Commission, Canada, and the several States

      of the Great Lakes region.

      "(3) Monitoring for the  chesapeake bay and lake champlain.-The

   Administrator  shall establish  at  the  Chesapeake Bay  and  Lake

   Champlain atmospheric  deposition stations  to monitor  deposition

   of hazardous air pollutants (and in the Ad-

   ministrator's  discretion,  other  air   pollutants)  within   the

   Chesapeake Bay and  Lake Champlain watersheds.   The Administrator

   shall  determine the  role  of  air  deposition in  the  pollutant

   loadings of  the Chesapeake  Bay and  Lake Champlain,  investigate

   the  sources  of  air  pollutants  deposited  in  the  watersheds,

   evaluate the  health and environmental  effects of such  pollutant

   loadings, and  shall sample  such  pollutants in  biota, fish  and

   wildlife within the watersheds, as necessary  to characterize such


      "(4)  Monitoring  for coastal  waters.-The  Administrator shall

   design  and deploy atmospheric  deposition monitoring networks for

   coastal  waters   and  their   watersheds  and   shall  make   any

   information  collected  through  such  networks available  to  the

   public.  As part of  this effort, the Administrator  shall conduct

   research  to develop  and  improve deposition  monitoring methods,

   and  to  determine   the  relative  contribution  of   atmospheric

   pollutants  to   pollutant  loadings.     For  purposes  of   this

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