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   subsection,  `coastal   waters'  shall   mean  estuaries  selected

   pursuant to  section 320(a)(2)(A) of  the Federal Water  Pollution

   Control  Act or  listed pursuant  to section  320(a)(2)(B) of such

   Act or estuarine research reserves designated  pursuant to section

   315 of the Coastal Zone Management Act (16 U.S.C. 1461).

      "(5) Report.-Within 3  years of  the date of  enactment of  the

   Clean Air  Act Amendments  of 1990 and  biennially thereafter, the

   Administrator,   in  cooperation  with   the  Under  Secretary  of

   Commerce for Oceans and Atmosphere,  shall submit to the  Congress

   a  report  on   the  results  of  any  monitoring,   studies,  and

   investigations  conducted  pursuant  to  this  subsection.    Such

   report shall include, at a minimum, an assessment of-

         "(A) the contribution of atmospheric deposition to pollution

      loadings in the Great Lakes, the Chesapeake Bay, Lake Champlain

      and coastal waters;

         "(B)  the environmental  and  public health  effects  of any

      pollution  which is attributable  to atmospheric  deposition to

      the Great Lakes, the Chesapeake Bay, Lake Champlain and coastal


         "(C) the  source or  sources of any pollution  to the  Great

      Lakes, the  Chesapeake Bay,  Lake Champlain and  coastal waters

      which is attributable to atmospheric deposition;

         "(D)  whether pollution  loadings  in the  Great  Lakes, the

      Chesapeake  Bay,  Lake Champlain  or  coastal  waters cause  or

      contribute to exceedances of  drinking water standards pursuant

      to  the  Safe Drinking  Water  Act or  water  quality standards

      pursuant to  the Federal Water  Pollution Control Act  or, with

      respect  to  the  Great  Lakes,  exceedances  of  the  specific

      objectives of the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement; and

         "(E)  a description  of any  revisions of  the requirements,

      standards,  and  limitations pursuant  to  this  Act and  other

      applicable Federal  laws as are necessary  to assure protection

      of human health and the environment.

      "(6) Additional regulation.-As part  of the report to Congress,

   the Administrator shall determine whether the  other provisions of

   this section are adequate to prevent serious adverse

   effects to public  health and serious or  widespread environmental

   effects, including such  effects resulting from indirect  exposure

   pathways,  associated with  atmospheric  deposition  to the  Great

   Lakes, the Chesapeake  Bay, Lake Champlain and  coastal waters  of

   hazardous  air pollutants  (and their  atmospheric  transformation

   products).   The Administrator shall  take into consideration  the

   tendency of  such pollutants  to  bioaccumulate.   Within 5  years

   after  the date of  enactment of the  Clean Air  Act Amendments of

   1990,  the   Administrator  shall,  based   on  such  report   and

   determination, promulgate, in accordance  with this section,  such

   further  emission  standards   or  control  measures  as   may  be

   necessary and  appropriate  to  prevent  such  effects,  including

   effects due  to  bioaccumulation and  indirect exposure  pathways.

   Any  requirements  promulgated pursuant  to  this  paragraph  with

   respect to coastal waters shall  only apply to the  coastal waters

   of the States which are subject to section 328(a).

   "(n) Other provisions.-

      "(1) Electric utility steam generating units.-

         "(A) The Administrator shall perform  a study of the hazards

      to public health reasonably anticipated to occur as a result of

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