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      emissions  by  electric  utility   steam  generating  units  of

      pollutants listed under subsection  (b) after imposition of the

      requirements of this  Act.  The Administrator  shall report the

      results  of this study to the Congress within 3 years after the

      date of the  enactment of the Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990.

      The   Administrator   shall   develop  and   describe   in  the

      Administrator's   report   to   Congress  alternative   control

      strategies  for emissions  which may  warrant  regulation under

      this  section.    The  Administrator  shall  regulate  electric

      utility  steam  generating units  under  this  section, if  the

      Administrator   finds  such   regulation  is   appropriate  and

      necessary after  considering the results of  the study required

      by this subparagraph.

         "(B) The  Administrator shall  conduct, and  transmit to the

      Congress  not later than 4 years after the date of enactment of

      the  Clean Air  Act  Amendments of  1990,  a study  of  mercury

      emissions  from  electric   utility  steam  generating   units,

      municipal  waste combustion units, and other sources, including

      area sources.  Such study shall  consider the rate and mass  of

      such emissions,  the health  and environmental effects  of such

      emissions,  technologies which  are available  to control  such

      emissions, and the costs of such technologies.

         "(C) The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences

      shall  conduct, and transmit to  the Congress not  later than 3

      years  after the  date  of  enactment  of  the  Clean  Air  Act

      Amendments of 1990, a study to determine the threshold level of

      mercury exposure  below which adverse human  health effects are

      not  expected to occur.   Such study shall  include a threshold

      for mercury concentrations in  the tissue of fish which  may be

      consumed  (including  consumption  by   sensitive  populations)

      without adverse effects to public health.

      "(2) Coke oven production technology study.-

         "(A) The  Secretary of  the  Department  of Energy  and  the

      Administrator shall jointly undertake  a 6-year study to assess

      coke oven  production  emission  control  technologies  and  to

      assist in the development and  commercialization of technically

      practicable and economically  viable control technologies which

      have  the  potential  to  significantly  reduce   emissions  of

      hazardous air pollutants from  coke oven production facilities.

      In  identifying control  technologies,  the Secretary  and  the

      Administrator shall  consider the  range of existing  coke oven

      operations and  battery design and the  availability of sources

      of materials for  such coke  ovens as well  as alternatives  to

      existing coke oven production design.

         "(B) The  Secretary and the  Administrator are authorized to

      enter  into agreements  with  persons who  propose to  develop,

      install   and   operate   coke   production   emission  control

      technologies which have the potential for significant emissions

      reductions  of hazardous  air pollutants provided  that Federal

      funds shall not exceed 50 per centum of the cost of any project

      assisted pursuant to this paragraph.

         "(C) The Secretary  shall prepare annual reports to Congress

      on the status of the research  program and at the completion of

      the  study  shall  make  recommendations  to  the Administrator

      identifying   practicable   and  economically   viable  control

      technologies  for  coke oven  production  facilities to  reduce

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