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      residual risks remaining  after implementation of the  standard

      under subsection (d).

         "(D) There are  authorized to be appropriated $5,000,000 for

      each of  the fiscal years  1992 through 1997  to carry  out the

      program authorized by this paragraph.

      "(3)  Publicly  owned  treatment  works.-The  Administrator may

   conduct, in cooperation with the  owners and operators of publicly

   owned  treatment  works,  studies  to  characterize  emissions  of

   hazardous air pollutants  emitted by such facilities,  to identify

   industrial, commercial and  residential discharges that contribute

   to  such emissions and  to demonstrate  control measures  for such

   emissions.   When  promulgating any  standard  under this  section

   applicable to  publicly owned  treatment works, the  Administrator

   may  provide for  control measures  that  include pretreatment  of

   discharges  causing  emissions  of hazardous  air  pollutants  and

   process  or  product  substitutions or  limitations  that  may  be

   effective  in reducing  such  emissions.   The  Administrator  may

   prescribe uniform sampling,  modeling and risk assessment  methods

   for use in implementing this subsection.

      "(4) Oil and gas wells; pipeline facilities.-

         "(A)  Notwithstanding  the  provisions  of  subsection  (a),

      emissions from any  oil or gas  exploration or production  well

      (with its associated equipment) and emissions from any pipeline

      compressor  or  pump  station  shall  not  be  aggregated  with

      emissions  from other similar units,  whether or not such units

      are  in a contiguous area or under common control, to determine

      whether  such units or stations  are major sources,  and in the

      case of any oil or gas exploration

      or  production  well  (with  its  associated  equipment),  such

      emissions shall  not be aggregated  for any purpose  under this


         "(B) The Administrator shall not list oil and gas production

      wells  (with  its  associated  equipment)  as  an  area  source

      category  under subsection (c),  except that  the Administrator

      may  establish  an  area  source  category  for  oil  and   gas

      production wells  located in any  metropolitan statistical area

      or consolidated metropolitan statistical area with a population

      in excess of  1 million, if  the Administrator determines  that

      emissions of  hazardous air pollutants from  such wells present

      more  than  a  negligible risk  of  adverse  effects to  public


      "(5) Hydrogen sulfide.-The Administrator  is directed to assess

   the hazards  to public  health and the  environment resulting from

   the emission  of hydrogen sulfide  associated with the  extraction

   of oil and natural gas resources.  To the extent practicable,  the

   assessment shall build  upon and not duplicate work  conducted for

   an  assessment  pursuant to  section  8002(m) of  the Solid  Waste

   Disposal Act and  shall reflect consultation with the States.  The

   assessment shall include a  review of existing State  and industry

   control  standards, techniques and enforcement.  The Administrator

   shall report to the  Congress within 24  months after the date  of

   enactment  of  the Clean  Air  Act  Amendments  of  1990 with  the

   findings  of such  assessment, together  with any recommendations,

   and  shall,  as  appropriate,  develop  and  implement  a  control

   strategy  for  emissions  of hydrogen  sulfide  to  protect  human

   health  and  the  environment,  based  on  the  findings  of  such

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