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   require any  person to  conduct tests, keep  and produce  records,

   and  make   reports  respecting  research   or  other   activities

   conducted  by  such   person  as  necessary  to   carry  out  this


      "(6) Authorization.-Of the funds authorized to be  appropriated

   to  the Administrator  by this Act,  such amounts  as are required

   shall be available to carry out this subsection.

      "(7)   Guidelines   for   carcinogenic   risk   assessment.-The

   Administrator  shall   consider,   but   need   not   adopt,   the

   recommendations contained  in the report  of the National  Academy

   of Sciences prepared  pursuant to this subsection and the views of

   the Science  Advisory Board, with respect  to such  report.  Prior

   to the  promulgation of  any standard  under  subsection (f),  and

   after notice and opportunity for comment,  the Administrator shall

   publish revised Guidelines  for Carcinogenic Risk Assessment  or a

   detailed explanation  of  the  reasons  that  any  recommendations

   contained in the report of  the National Academy of  Sciences will

   not be implemented.   The publication of  such revised  Guidelines

   shall be a final Agency action for purposes of section 307.

   "(p) Mickey Leland Urban Air Toxics Research Center.-

      "(1)   Establishment.-The   Administrator  shall   oversee  the

   establishment of  a National Urban Air  Toxics Research Center, to

   be located at  a university, a hospital, or other facility capable

   of  undertaking and  maintaining similar  research capabilities in

   the  areas   of  epidemiology,  oncology,  toxicology,   pulmonary

   medicine, pathology, and biostatistics. The center  shall be known

   as the Mickey Leland  National Urban  Air Toxics Research  Center.

   The geographic  site of  the National  Urban  Air Toxics  Research

   Center  should be  further directed  to Harris  County, Texas,  in

   order  to  take full  advantage of  the well  developed scientific

   community presence on-site  at the Texas Medical Center as well as

   the extensive  data  previously  compiled  for  the  comprehensive

   monitoring system currently in place.

      "(2) Board of directors.-The National Urban Air Toxics Research

   Center shall be governed  by a Board of Directors to  be comprised

   of 9  members, the  appointment of  which shall  be allocated  pro

   rata among the  Speaker of the  House, the Majority Leader  of the

   Senate and  the President. The members  of the  Board of Directors

   shall  be  selected   based  on  their  respective   academic  and

   professional  backgrounds  and  expertise in  matters  relating to

   public  health,  environmental  pollution and  industrial hygiene.

   The duties of the Board of Directors shall be to  determine policy

   and research  guidelines, submit  views from  center sponsors  and

   the  public  and  issue periodic  reports  of center  findings and


      "(3) Scientific advisory panel.-The Board of Directors shall be

   advised by  a Scientific Advisory Panel,  the 13  members of which

   shall be  appointed by the Board,  and to  include eminent members

   of the  scientific and medical  communities. The Panel  membership

   may include scientists with relevant experience  from the National

   Institute  of   Environmental  Health  Sciences,  the  Center  for

   Disease  Control,   the  Environmental   Protection  Agency,   the

   National  Cancer  Institute,  and  others,  and  the  Panel  shall

   conduct  peer review  and  evaluate  research results.  The  Panel

   shall  assist  the  Board  in  developing   the  research  agenda,

   reviewing proposals and  applications, and advise on  the awarding

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