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   of research grants.

      "(4) Funding.-The  center shall be established  and funded with

   both Federal and private source funds.

   (q) Savings Provision.-

      "(1) Standards previously  promulgated.-Any standard under this

   section  in effect before the  date of enactment of  the Clean Air

   Act Amendments  of 1990  shall remain  in force  and effect  after

   such date unless modified as  provided in this section  before the

   date of  enactment of  such Amendments or  under such  Amendments.

   Except  as  provided in  paragraph  (4), any  standard under  this

   section  which has  been  promulgated, but  has not  taken effect,

   before such date shall not  be affected by such  Amendments unless

   modified  as provided  in this section  before such  date or under

   such  Amendments. Each  such standard  shall be  reviewed and,  if

   appropriate,  revised,   to  comply   with  the  requirements   of

   subsection (d) within 10  years after the date of enactment of the

   Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990.  If a timely petition for review

   of any such standard under section

   307 is pending on  such date of  enactment, the standard shall  be

   upheld if it complies with  this section as in effect  before that

   date. If any such standard  is remanded to the  Administrator, the

   Administrator  may in the  Administrator's discretion apply either

   the requirements of this section,  or those of this section as  in

   effect  before  the  date  of  enactment  of  the  Clean  Air  Act

   Amendments of 1990.

      "(2) Special  rule.-Notwithstanding paragraph (1),  no standard

   shall be established under this  section, as amended by  the Clean

   Air  Act Amendments  of 1990, for  radionuclide emissions from (A)

   elemental  phosphorous  plants, (B)  grate  calcination  elemental

   phosphorous  plants,   (C)  phosphogypsum  stacks,   or  (D)   any

   subcategory of  the foregoing.  This  section, as  in effect prior

   to the date of enactment of the Clean Air  Act Amendments of 1990,

   shall  remain  in  effect for  radionuclide  emissions  from  such

   plants and stacks.

      "(3)  Other  categories.-Notwithstanding  paragraph  (1),  this

   section, as in effect prior  to the date of enactment of the Clean

   Air   Act  Amendments   of  1990,  shall   remain  in  effect  for

   radionuclide  emissions  from  non-Department  of  Energy  Federal

   facilities  that  are  not  licensed  by  the  Nuclear  Regulatory

   Commission,    coal-fired   utility    and   industrial   boilers,

   underground uranium mines, surface uranium mines,  and disposal of

   uranium  mill tailings  piles, unless  the  Administrator, in  the

   Administrator's  discretion,  applies  the  requirements  of  this

   section as  modified by the  Clean Air Act  Amendments of 1990  to

   such sources of radionuclides.

      "(4)  Medical  facilities.-Notwithstanding  paragraph  (1),  no

   standard promulgated  under  this  section prior  to  the date  of

   enactment of the Clean  Air Act Amendments of 1990 with respect to

   medical research  or treatment  facilities shall  take effect  for

   two years  following the date  of enactment of  the Clean Air  Act

   Amendments   of   1990,   unless   the   Administrator   makes   a

   determination pursuant  to a  rulemaking under  section 112(d)(9).

   If  the  Administrator  determines  that  the  regulatory  program

   established  by  the   Nuclear  Regulatory  Commission   for  such

   facilities does not provide an  ample margin of safety  to protect

   public health,  the requirements of section  112 shall fully apply

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