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   death, injury, or serious adverse  effects to human health  or the

   environment from  accidental releases.   Regulations  establishing

   the  list  shall  include   an  explanation   of  the  basis   for

   establishing the list.  The list may be revised  from time to time

   by  the Administrator  on  the Administrator's  own motion  or  by

   petition  and shall be  reviewed at  least every 5  years.  No air

   pollutant  for  which  a  national  primary  ambient  air  quality

   standard has been  established shall be included on any such list.

   No  substance,  practice, process,  or  activity  regulated  under

   title VI  shall be subject  to regulations under this  subsection.

   The Administrator shall establish procedures for  the addition and

   deletion of substances from the list established under this para-

   graph consistent with those  applicable to the list in  subsection


      "(4)  Factors  to be  considered.-In  listing substances  under

   paragraph  (3),  the  Administrator shall  consider  each  of  the

   following criteria-

         "(A)  the  severity  of  any  acute  adverse  health effects

      associated with accidental releases of the substance;

         "(B) the likelihood of accidental releases of the substance;


         "(C) the potential magnitude of human exposure to accidental

      releases of the substance.

      "(5) Threshold  quantity.-At the  time any substance  is listed

   pursuant to  paragraph (3), the  Administrator shall establish  by

   rule, a threshold quantity for the substance,  taking into account

   the    toxicity,    reactivity,     volatility,    dispersibility,

   combustibility, or  flammability of the  substance and the  amount

   of the  substance which, as a result  of an accidental release, is

   known to  cause or may reasonably  be anticipated  to cause death,

   injury or  serious adverse effects to  human health  for which the

   substance  was  listed.    The  Administrator   is  authorized  to

   establish  a  greater   threshold  quantity  for,  or   to  exempt

   entirely, any  substance that is  a nutrient  used in  agriculture

   when held by a farmer.

      "(6) Chemical safety board.-

         "(A) There is hereby established an independent safety board

      to  be known  as the  Chemical Safety and  Hazard Investigation


         "(B) The  Board shall  consist  of  5 members,  including  a

      Chairperson, who  shall be appointed  by the President,  by and

      with the  advice and  consent of  the Senate.   Members of  the

      Board   shall  be   appointed   on  the   basis  of   technical

      qualification,   professional    standing,   and   demonstrated

      knowledge  in  the  fields of  accident  reconstruction, safety

      engineering,   human  factors,  toxicology,  or  air  pollution

      regulation.   The terms of office of members of the Board shall

      be  5  years.     Any  member  of  the  Board,   including  the

      Chairperson, may be removed  for inefficiency, neglect of duty,

      or malfeasance in office.   The Chairperson shall be  the Chief

      Executive Officer of the Board and shall exercise the executive

      and administrative functions of the Board.

         "(C) The Board shall-

           "(i) investigate (or cause to  be investigated), determine

         and  report to the public in  writing the facts, conditions,

         and  circumstances and  the cause  or probable cause  of any

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