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   such area. The plan shall  demonstrate to the satisfaction  of the

   Administrator that the emissions quantified for  this purpose will

   be consistent with the achievement of  reasonable further progress

   and will  not interfere with attainment of the applicable national

   ambient air quality standard by the applicable attainment date.

      "(5) Permits  for new  and modified major  stationary sources.-

   Such plan  provisions shall require  permits for the  construction

   and  operation  of  new  or  modified   major  stationary  sources

   anywhere in  the nonattainment  area, in  accordance with  section


      "(6)  Other   measures.-Such  plan  provisions   shall  include

   enforceable   emission   limitations,   and  such   other  control

   measures, means  or techniques (including economic incentives such

   as fees, marketable permits,  and auctions of emission rights), as

   well  as  schedules  and  timetables for  compliance,  as  may  be

   necessary  or  appropriate  to  provide  for  attainment  of  such

   standard in such  area by the applicable attainment date specified

   in this part.

      "(7)  Compliance with  section 110(a)(2).-Such  plan provisions

   shall also meet the applicable provisions of section 110(a)(2).

      "(8) Equivalent techniques.-Upon application  by any State, the

   Administrator may allow  the use of equivalent  modeling, emission

   inventory,  and  planning  procedures,  unless  the  Administrator

   determines that  the proposed  techniques are,  in the  aggregate,

   less effective than the methods specified by the Administrator.

      "(9)  Contingency  measures.-Such  plan shall  provide  for the

   implementation  of specific measures to be  undertaken if the area

   fails  to make  reasonable  further  progress, or  to  attain  the

   national primary  ambient air quality  standard by the  attainment

   date applicable under  this part. Such measures  shall be included

   in  the plan  revision as contingency  measures to  take effect in

   any  such  case  without  further  action  by  the  State  or  the


   "(d)  Plan  Revisions  Required  in Response  to  Finding  of Plan

Inadequacy.-Any  plan  revision  for  a nonattainment  area  which  is

required to be submitted in response to a finding by the Administrator

pursuant to section  110(k)(5) (relating to calls  for plan revisions)

must  correct the plan  deficiency (or deficiencies)  specified by the

Administrator  and  meet all  other  applicable  plan requirements  of

section 110 and this part. The Administrator may reasonably adjust the

dates otherwise  applicable under  such requirements to  such revision

(except for attainment dates that have not yet elapsed), to the extent

necessary to achieve a consistent application of such requirements. In

order to facilitate submittal by the States of adequate and approvable

plans consistent  with the  applicable requirements  of this Act,  the

Administrator  shall, as  appropriate  and from  time  to time,  issue

written  guidelines, interpretations,  and information  to  the States

which  shall be available to the public, taking into consideration any

such guidelines,  interpretations, or information provided  before the

date of the enactment of the Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990.

   "(e)  Future  Modification  of   Standard.-If  the   Administrator

relaxes a national primary ambient air quality standard after the date

of the  enactment  of  the  Clean Air  Act  Amendments  of  1990,  the

Administrator shall, within 12 months after the relaxation, promulgate

requirements  applicable to  all areas  which have  not attained  that

standard  as of the date  of such relaxation.  Such requirements shall

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