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         accidental release  resulting in a fatality,  serious injury

         or substantial property damages;

           "(ii)  issue periodic  reports to  the  Congress, Federal,

         State  and  local  agencies,  including   the  Environmental

         Protection  Agency and  the  Occupational Safety  and Health

         Administration,  concerned  with   the  safety  of  chemical

         production,  processing, handling  and  storage,  and  other

         interested  persons  recommending  measures  to  reduce  the

         likelihood or the  consequences of  accidental releases  and

         proposing corrective steps to make chemi-

         cal production, processing, handling and storage as safe and

         free from  risk of injury as is possible and  may include in

         such reports proposed rules or orders which should be issued

         by the  Administrator under the authority of this section or

         the  Secretary of  Labor under  the Occupational  Safety and

         Health Act to prevent  or minimize  the consequences of  any

         release of substances that may cause death, injury  or other

         serious  adverse  effects on  human  health  or  substantial

         property damage as the result of an accidental release; and

           "(iii)  establish  by regulation  requirements  binding on

         persons for reporting  accidental releases into  the ambient

         air  subject  to  the  Board's  investigatory  jurisdiction.

         Reporting releases to  the National Response Center, in lieu

         of the Board directly,  shall satisfy such regulations.  The

         National Response Center  shall promptly notify the Board of

         any releases which are within the Board's jurisdiction.

         "(D) The Board  may utilize the expertise and  experience of

      other agencies.

         "(E)  The  Board   shall  coordinate  its  activities   with

      investigations and  studies conducted by other  agencies of the

      United States having a  responsibility to protect public health

      and  safety.    The Board  shall  enter  into  a memorandum  of

      understanding with the National  Transportation Safety Board to

      assure coordination  of functions  and to limit  duplication of

      activities  which shall  designate the  National Transportation

      Safety  Board  as  the  lead agency  for  the  investigation of

      releases which are transportation related.  The Board shall not

      be  authorized  to investigate  marine  oil  spills, which  the

      National   Transportation  Safety   Board   is  authorized   to

      investigate.    The  Board shall  enter  into  a memorandum  of

      understanding   with   the  Occupational   Safety   and  Health

      Administration so as to limit duplication of activities.  In no

      event  shall  the  Board   forego  an  investigation  where  an

      accidental release  causes a  fatality or serious  injury among

      the general public, or  had the potential to cause  substantial

      property damage or  a number  of deaths or  injuries among  the

      general public.

         "(F) The Board is authorized to conduct research and studies

      with respect to the  potential for accidental releases, whether

      or  not  an accidental  release  has occurred,  where  there is

      evidence which indicates the presence  of a potential hazard or

      hazards.  To the  extent practicable,  the Board  shall conduct

      such studies in cooperation  with other Federal agencies having

      emergency  response authorities,  State and  local governmental

      agencies   and   associations   and   organizations   from  the

      industrial, commercial, and nonprofit sectors.

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