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         "(G)    No   part   of   the   conclusions,   findings,   or

      recommendations of the Board relating to any accidental release

      or  the investigation thereof shall  be admitted as evidence or

      used  in  any action  or suit  for damages  arising out  of any

      matter mentioned in such report.

         "(H) Not later than 18 months after the date of enactment of

      the Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990, the Board shall publish a

      report accompanied by  recommendations to the  Administrator on

      the use of  hazard assessments in preventing the occurrence and

      minimizing the consequences of accidental releases of extremely

      hazardous substances. The recommendations shall include  a list

      of  extremely  hazardous  substances which  are  not  regulated

      substances (including threshold quantities for such substances)

      and  categories   of  stationary   sources  for   which  hazard

      assessments  would  be an  appropriate  measure to  aid  in the

      prevention  of  accidental   releases  and   to  minimize   the

      consequences   of   those   releases   that   do   occur.   The

      recommendations  shall  also  include  a  description   of  the

      information and analysis which  would be appropriate to include

      in  any  hazard  assessment.     The  Board  shall  also   make

      recommendations  with respect  to the  role of  risk management

      plans as required by  paragraph (8)(B) in preventing accidental

      releases. The Board may from time to time review and revise its

      recommendations under this subparagraph.

         "(I)  Whenever  the  Board  submits  a  recommendation  with

      respect  to  accidental  releases  to  the  Administrator,  the

      Administrator shall respond to such recommendation formally and

      in writing not later  than 180 days after receipt  thereof. The

      response to  the  Board's recommendation  by the  Administrator

      shall indicate whether the Administrator will-

           "(i)  initiate a  rulemaking or issue  such orders  as are

         necessary  to implement  the  recommendation in  full  or in

         part,   pursuant   to  any   timetable   contained   in  the


           "(ii) decline  to initiate a rulemaking or issue orders as


      Any  determination  by the  Administrator  not  to implement  a

      recommendation of  the Board  or to implement  a recommendation

      only  in  part,  including  any  variation  from  the  schedule

      contained  in the  recommendation,  shall be  accompanied by  a

      statement from the Administrator  setting forth the reasons for

      such determination.

         "(J)  The Board  may  make recommendations  with  respect to

      accidental  releases to the  Secretary of Labor.   Whenever the

      Board submits  such recommendation, the Secretary shall respond

      to such recommendation  formally and in writing  not later than

      180  days after receipt thereof.   The response  to the Board's

      recommendation by the Administrator shall indicate whether  the

      Secretary will-

           "(i) initiate  a rulemaking  or issue  such orders as  are

         necessary  to implement  the  recommendation in  full  or in

         part,  pursuant   to   any   timetable  contained   in   the


           "(ii) decline to initiate  a rulemaking or issue orders as


         Any  determination  by  the  Secretary  not  to  implement a

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