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         recommendation  or  to  implement a  recommendation  only in

         part, including any variation from the schedule contained

         in the  recommendation, shall be  accompanied by a statement

         from  the  Secretary  setting  forth  the  reasons  for such


         "(K) Within  2 years  after enactment of the  Clean Air  Act

      Amendments  of  1990, the  Board shall  issue  a report  to the

      Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency and to the

      Administrator   of   the   Occupational   Safety   and   Health

      Administration recommending the adoption of regulations for the

      preparation of  risk management plans and  general requirements

      for  the  prevention   of  accidental  releases   of  regulated

      substances into the ambient air  (including recommendations for

      listing substances under paragraph  (3)) and for the mitigation

      of  the  potential  adverse  effect  on  human  health  or  the

      environment as a result of  accidental releases which should be

      applicable  to any  stationary  source handling  any  regulated

      substance  in  more than  threshold  amounts.   The  Board  may

      include  proposed rules or orders which should be issued by the

      Administrator  under authority  of  this subsection  or by  the

      Secretary  of Labor  under the  Occupational Safety  and Health

      Act.    Any such  recommendations shall  be specific  and shall

      identify  the   regulated  substance  or  class   of  regulated

      substances (or  other substances) to  which the recommendations

      apply.   The Administrator shall consider  such recommendations

      before promulgating regulations required by paragraph (7)(B).

         "(L) The Board,  or upon authority of the Board,  any member

      thereof, any  administrative law judge employed  by or assigned

      to the Board, or any officer or employee duly designated by the

      Board, may for the purpose of carrying out duties authorized by

      subparagraph (C)-

           "(i) hold such  hearings, sit and  act at  such times  and

         places, administer  such oaths,  and require  by subpoena or

         otherwise attendance and testimony of such witnesses and the

         production  of evidence and  may require  by order  that any

         person engaged in the  production, processing, handling,  or

         storage  of extremely  hazardous  substances  submit written

         reports and responses  to requests and questions within such

         time and in such form as the Board may require; and

           "(ii)  upon  presenting  appropriate   credentials  and  a

         written notice of  inspection authority, enter  any property

         where an  accidental  release  causing a  fatality,  serious

         injury or  substantial property  damage has  occurred and do

         all  things  therein necessary  for  a  proper investigation

         pursuant to subparagraph (C) and inspect at reasonable times

         records, files, papers,  processes, controls, and facilities

         and take such samples as are relevant to such investigation.

Whenever  the Administrator or the  Board conducts an  inspection of a

facility   pursuant  to   this   subsection,   employees   and   their

representatives  shall have  the same  rights  to participate  in such

inspections as provided in the Occupational Safety and Health Act.

         "(M) In addition to that  described in subparagraph (L), the

      Board  may  use  any  information gathering  authority  of  the

      Administrator  under  this Act,  including  the subpoena  power

      provided in section 307(a)(1) of this Act.

         "(N) The  Board is  authorized to  establish such procedural

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