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      and  administrative rules as  are necessary to  the exercise of

      its functions  and  duties.   The Board  is authorized  without

      regard to  section 5 of title  41 of the United  States Code to

      enter into  contracts, leases, cooperative agreements  or other

      transactions as may be  necessary in the conduct of  the duties

      and functions of the Board with any other  agency, institution,

      or person.

         "(O) After  the effective date  of any reporting requirement

      promulgated  pursuant  to  subparagraph (C)(iii)  it  shall  be

      unlawful for  any person to fail  to report any  release of any

      extremely hazardous substance as required by such subparagraph.

      The Administrator  is authorized  to enforce any  regulation or

      requirements established by the Board  pursuant to subparagraph

      (C)(iii)  using the authorities of  sections 113 and  114.  Any

      request  for  information  from  the  owner  or  operator of  a

      stationary source  made by  the Board or  by the  Administrator

      under  this section shall be  treated, for purposes of sections

      113, 114, 116, 120, 303, 304 and 307 and any  other enforcement

      provisions  of this Act, as a request made by the Administrator

      under section 114 and may be enforced by the Chairperson of the

      Board or by the Administrator as provided in such section.

         "(P)  The  Administrator shall  provide  to  the  Board such

      support and facilities as may be necessary for operation of the


         "(Q) Consistent  with subsection (G)  and section 114(c) any

      records, reports or  information obtained by the Board shall be

      available  to the  Administrator, the  Secretary of  Labor, the

      Congress   and  the   public,  except   that  upon   a  showing

      satisfactory to the Board by any person that records,  reports,

      or information, or particular  part thereof (other than release

      or  emissions  data) to  which the  Board  has access,  if made

      public, is likely  to cause  substantial harm  to the  person's

      competitive position,  the  Board shall  consider such  record,

      report,   or   information   or   particular   portion  thereof

      confidential in accordance with section 1905 of title 18 of the

      United  States  Code,  except  that  such  record,  report,  or

      information may be disclosed  to other officers, employees, and

      authorized representatives of the United States concerned  with

      carrying  out this  Act or  when relevant under  any proceeding

      under  this  Act.     This  subparagraph  does  not  constitute

      authority to withhold records, reports, or information from the


         "(R)  Whenever the  Board  submits or  transmits  any budget

      estimate, budget request, supplemental budget request, or other

      budget   information,   legislative  recommendation,   prepared

      testimony  for congressional hearings,  recommendation or study

      to the President, the Secretary of Labor, the Administrator, or

      the Director of the Office of Manage-

      ment and Budget, it shall concurrently  transmit a copy thereof

      to the  Congress.  No report  of the Board shall  be subject to

      review by  the  Administrator  or  any  Federal  agency  or  to

      judicial review  in any  court.   No officer  or agency  of the

      United  States shall  have authority  to require  the  Board to

      submit   its   budget   requests   or   estimates,  legislative

      recommendations, prepared  testimony, comments, recommendations

      or reports  to any officer  or agency of the  United States for

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