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      approval   or  review   prior   to  the   submission  of   such

      recommendations,   testimony,  comments   or  reports   to  the

      Congress.  In the performance of their functions as established

      by this Act, the  members, officers and employees of  the Board

      shall not  be  responsible  to  or subject  to  supervision  or

      direction, in carrying out any duties under this subsection, of

      any  officer   or  employee  or  agent   of  the  Environmental

      Protection Agency, the Department of Labor or any other  agency

      of the United States  except that the President may  remove any

      member,  officer or  employee  of the  Board for  inefficiency,

      neglect  of duty  or malfeasance  in office.   Nothing  in this

      section shall affect the application of title 5,  United States

      Code to officers or employees of the Board.

         "(S)  The  Board  shall  submit  an  annual  report  to  the

      President and to the  Congress which shall include, but  not be

      limited to, information on  accidental releases which have been

      investigated by or  reported to the  Board during the  previous

      year, recommendations for  legislative or administrative action

      which the Board has made, the actions  which have been taken by

      the Administrator or  the Secretary  of Labor or  the heads  of

      other   agencies   to   implement  such   recommendations,   an

      identification of priorities for study and investigation in the

      succeeding  year, progress in the development of risk-reduction

      technologies  and  the   response  to  and  implementation   of

      significant research findings on  chemical safety in the public

      and private sector.

      "(7) Accident prevention.-

         "(A) In  order to  prevent accidental  releases of regulated

      substances,  the  Administrator  is  authorized  to  promulgate

      release  prevention,  detection,  and  correction  requirements

      which  may  include   monitoring,  record-keeping,   reporting,

      training,  vapor recovery,  secondary  containment,  and  other

      design, equipment, work practice, and operational requirements.

      Regulations  promulgated   under   this  paragraph   may   make

      distinctions  between  various  types,  classes,  and  kinds of

      facilities,  devices  and  systems  taking  into  consideration

      factors  including, but  not  limited to,  the size,  location,

      process,  process controls,  quantity  of  substances  handled,

      potency of substances, and response capabilities present at any

      stationary  source.  Regulations  promulgated pursuant  to this

      subparagraph shall have an effective date, as determined by the

      Administrator,   assuring   compliance   as  expeditiously   as


         "(B)(i)  Within 3 years  after the date of  enactment of the

      Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990, the Administrator

      shall   promulgate   reasonable  regulations   and  appropriate

      guidance to  provide, to  the greatest extent  practicable, for

      the  prevention  and   detection  of  accidental   releases  of

      regulated  substances and for response  to such releases by the

      owners  or  operators of  the sources  of  such releases.   The

      Administrator shall utilize the expertise of the Secretaries of

      Transportation and Labor in  promulgating such regulations.  As

      appropriate, such  regulations shall cover  the use, operation,

      repair, replacement,  and maintenance of equipment  to monitor,

      detect,  inspect, and control such releases, including training

      of persons in the use and maintenance of  such equipment and in

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