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      the  conduct of  periodic inspections.   The  regulations shall

      include procedures and measures for emergency response after an

      accidental release of a regulated substance in order to protect

      human health and the environment.  The  regulations shall cover

      storage, as  well  as operations.   The  regulations shall,  as

      appropriate,   recognize   differences  in   size,  operations,

      processes, class  and categories  of sources and  the voluntary

      actions of such sources to prevent such releases and respond to

      such  releases.   The  regulations  shall be  applicable  to  a

      stationary  source 3 years after the date of promulgation, or 3

      years  after the date on which a regulated substance present at

      the source in more than threshold amounts is first listed under

      paragraph (3), whichever is later.

         "(ii) The regulations under  this subparagraph shall require

      the  owner  or  operator  of  stationary  sources  at  which  a

      regulated  substance  is  present  in  more  than  a  threshold

      quantity to prepare  and implement  a risk  management plan  to

      detect  and prevent  or  minimize accidental  releases of  such

      substances  from the stationary source, and to provide a prompt

      emergency response  to any  such releases  in order to  protect

      human  health and the environment.  Such plan shall provide for

      compliance with  the requirements of this  subsection and shall

      also include each of the following:

           "(I) a hazard  assessment to assess the  potential effects

         of an  accidental release of any  regulated substance.  This

         assessment shall  include an  estimate of  potential release

         quantities   and  a   determination  of   downwind  effects,

         including potential exposures to affected populations.  Such

         assessment shall  include a previous  release history of the

         past  5  years,  including  the   size,  concentration,  and

         duration  of releases,  and shall  include an  evaluation of

         worst case accidental releases;`

           "(II)  a program  for  preventing accidental  releases  of

         regulated  substances,  including   safety  precautions  and

         maintenance, monitoring and employee training measures to be

         used at the source; and`

           "(III)  a response program  providing for specific actions

         to  be taken  in  response  to an  accidental release  of  a

         regulated substance  so as  to protect human  health and the

         environment, including procedures for inform-

         ing the public and local agencies responsible for responding

         to accidental releases,  emergency health care, and employee

         training measures.

      At   the   time   regulations   are  promulgated   under   this

      subparagraph, the Administrator  shall promulgate guidelines to

      assist stationary sources in the preparation of risk management

      plans.    The  guidelines  shall, to  the  extent  practicable,

      include model risk management plans.

         "(iii)  The  owner or  operator  of  each  stationary source

      covered by clause  (ii) shall register  a risk management  plan

      prepared under this subparagraph with  the Administrator before

      the effective date of regulations under clause (i) in such form

      and manner as the Administrator shall, by rule, require.  Plans

      prepared pursuant to this  subparagraph shall also be submitted

      to the Chemical Safety and  Hazard Investigation Board, to  the

      State in which  the stationary  source is located,  and to  any

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