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      local agency  or entity having responsibility  for planning for

      or responding  to accidental releases  which may occur  at such

      source, and  shall be  available to  the public  under  section

      114(c).    The  Administrator  shall  establish,  by  rule,  an

      auditing system to regularly  review and, if necessary, require

      revision  in risk  management plans  to  assure that  the plans

      comply with this subparagraph.  Each such plan shall be updated

      periodically as required by the Administrator, by rule.

         "(C) Any regulations promulgated pursuant to this subsection

      shall to  the maximum extent practicable,  consistent with this

      subsection,   be  consistent   with  the   recommendations  and

      standards  established by  the American  Society  of Mechanical

      Engineers  (ASME), the  American  National Standards  Institute

      (ANSI)  or the  American Society  of Testing  Materials (ASTM).

      The Administrator shall take into consideration the concerns of

      small   business  in   promulgating   regulations  under   this


         "(D) In  carrying out the authority  of this  paragraph, the

      Administrator shall consult with the Secretary of Labor and the

      Secretary   of   Transportation   and   shall   coordinate  any

      requirements  under  this   paragraph  with  any   requirements

      established  for comparable purposes by the Occupational Safety

      and Health Administration or the  Department of Transportation.

      Nothing in  this subsection shall be  interpreted, construed or

      applied  to  impose requirements  affecting,  or  to grant  the

      Administrator, the  Chemical  Safety and  Hazard  Investigation

      Board, or any other agency any authority to regulate (including

      requirements for hazard assessment),  the accidental release of

      radionuclides  arising from  the construction and  operation of

      facilities licensed by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

         "(E)  After   the  effective  date   of  any  regulation  or

      requirement imposed under this subsection, it shall be unlawful

      for any person to operate any stationary source subject to such

      regulation or  requirement in  violation of such  regulation or

      requirement.  Each regulation or requirement under

      this subsection shall for  purposes of sections 113,  114, 116,

      120, 304, and 307 and other enforcement provisions of this Act,

      be treated as a standard in effect under subsection (d).

         "(F)  Notwithstanding  the provisions  of  title  V  or this

      section, no stationary  source shall be required  to apply for,

      or operate pursuant to, a permit issued under such title solely

      because such  source is subject to  regulations or requirements

      under this subsection.

         "(G) In exercising  any authority under this subsection, the

      Administrator shall  not, for purposes of  section 653(b)(1) of

      title 29 of the United States Code, be  deemed to be exercising

      statutory  authority  to  prescribe  or  enforce  standards  or

      regulations affecting occupational safety and health.

      "(8)  Research  on  hazard assessments.-The  Administrator  may

   collect  and  publish   information  on  accident   scenarios  and

   consequences covering  a range of  possible events for  substances

   listed under paragraph (3).   The Administrator shall establish  a

   program   of  long-term   research  to   develop  and  disseminate

   information on methods and techniques for  hazard assessment which

   may  be useful in improving and validating the procedures employed

   in the preparation of hazard assessments under this subsection.

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