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      "(9) Order authority.-

         "(A)  In  addition  to  any  other  action  taken, when  the

      Administrator  determines that  there  may be  an imminent  and

      substantial endangerment to the human health or welfare or  the

      environment  because of  an  actual  or  threatened  accidental

      release of a regulated  substance, the Administrator may secure

      such relief as may be necessary to abate such danger or threat,

      and the district court of the United States in the district  in

      which the threat  occurs shall have jurisdiction to  grant such

      relief as the public  interest and the equities of the case may

      require.  The Administrator may also, after notice to the State

      in  which the stationary  source is located,  take other action

      under  this paragraph  including, but  not limited  to, issuing

      such orders as  may be necessary to protect human  health.  The

      Administrator shall  take action under section  303 rather than

      this  paragraph  whenever  the  authority of  such  section  is

      adequate to protect human health and the environment.

         "(B)  Orders  issued  pursuant  to  this  paragraph  may  be

      enforced in an  action brought in the appropriate United States

      district court as if the order were issued under section 303.

         "(C)  Within 180 days  after enactment of the  Clean Air Act

      Amendments of  1990, the Administrator  shall publish  guidance

      for using the order  authorities established by this paragraph.

      Such  guidance shall  provide for  the coordinated  use  of the

      authorities  of  this  paragraph  with other  emergency  powers

      authorized by  section 106  of the Comprehensive  Environmental

      Response, Compensation and Liability Act, sections 311(c), 308,

      309  and 504(a)  of the  Federal  Water Pollution  Control Act,

      sections 3007, 3008, 3013, and

      7003 of the Solid Waste Disposal Act, sections 1445 and 1431 of

      the  Safe Drinking  Water Act,  sections 5 and  7 of  the Toxic

      Substances  Control Act, and sections 113, 114, and 303 of this


      "(10) Presidential review.-The President shall conduct a review

   of release prevention, mitigation and response  authorities of the

   various Federal agencies  and shall clarify and  coordinate agency

   responsibilities  to  assure  the  most  effective  and  efficient

   implementation   of  such   authorities   and  to   identify   any

   deficiencies  in  authority or  resources  which may  exist.   The

   President   may   utilize   the   resources   and    solicit   the

   recommendations of  the Chemical Safety  and Hazard  Investigation

   Board in  conducting  such review.    At  the conclusion  of  such

   review,  but not later than 24 months  after the date of enactment

   of  the Clean  Air  Act Amendments  of  1990, the  President shall

   transmit a  message to  the  Congress on  the release  prevention,

   mitigation  and  response  activities  of  the  Federal Government

   making such  recommendations for  change in law  as the  President

   may  deem  appropriate.    Nothing  in  this  paragraph  shall  be

   interpreted, construed  or applied to  authorize the President  to

   modify  or reassign  release  prevention, mitigation  or  response

   authorities otherwise established by law.

      "(11)  State   authority.-Nothing  in  this   subsection  shall

   preclude,  deny  or  limit  any  right  of  a  State  or political

   subdivision   thereof   to  adopt   or  enforce   any  regulation,

   requirement,  limitation  or standard  (including  any  procedural

   requirement)   that   is   more  stringent   than   a  regulation,

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