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   by  the  Administrator  but  not  later  than  5  years  after the

   guidelines were  promulgated. The Administrator  shall approve  or

   disapprove any State plan within  180 days of the  submission, and

   if  a  plan  is disapproved,  the  Administrator  shall  state the

   reasons  for disapproval  in  writing. Any  State may  modify  and

   resubmit a plan which has been disapproved by the Administrator.

      "(3) Federal plan.-The  Administrator shall develop,  implement

   and enforce a plan for existing solid waste incineration

   units  within any  category  located in  any  State which  has not

   submitted an  approvable plan under  this subsection with  respect

   to units in such category within 2  years after the date on  which

   the  Administrator promulgated the  relevant guidelines. Such plan

   shall assure that each unit  subject to the plan is in  compliance

   with  all provisions  of  the guidelines  not  later than  5 years

   after the date the relevant guidelines are promulgated.

   "(c)  Monitoring.-The  Administrator   shall,  as  part   of  each

performance  standard  promulgated  pursuant  to  subsection  (a)  and

section 111, promulgate regulations requiring the owner or operator of

each solid waste incineration unit-

      "(1)  to monitor emissions from the unit  at the point at which

   such  emissions are  emitted into the  ambient air  (or within the

   stack,  combustion  chamber or  pollution  control  equipment,  as

   appropriate) and  at  such other  points as  necessary to  protect

   public health and the environment;

      "(2) to monitor such other parameters relating to the operation

   of  the  unit   and  its  pollution  control  technology   as  the

   Administrator determines are appropriate; and

      "(3) to report the results of such monitoring.

Such regulations  shall contain provisions regarding  the frequency of

monitoring,  test  methods and  procedures  validated  on solid  waste

incineration units, and  the form and frequency  of reports containing

the  results  of  monitoring  and shall  require  that  any monitoring

reports or test results indicating an exceedance of any standard under

this  section  shall  be reported  separately  and  in  a manner  that

facilitates  review  for  purposes   of  enforcement  actions.    Such

regulations  shall  require  that  copies  of   the  results  of  such

monitoring  be maintained on file  at the facility  concerned and that

copies   shall  be  made  available  for  inspection  and  copying  by

interested members of the public during business hours.

   "(d)  Operator  Training.-Not  later  than  24  months  after  the

enactment of the Clean  Air Act Amendments of 1990,  the Administrator

shall develop  and promote a model State  program for the training and

certification  of   solid  waste   incineration  unit   operators  and

high-capacity fossil  fuel fired  plant operators.   The Administrator

may authorize any State to implement  a model program for the training

of solid  waste incineration  unit operators and  high-capacity fossil

fuel  fired plant operators, if the  State has adopted a program which

is  at  least  as effective  as  the model  program  developed  by the

Administrator.   Beginning on  the date  36 months after  the date  on

which  performance  standards  and guidelines  are  promulgated  under

subsection  (a)  and  section 111  for  any  category  of solid  waste

incineration  units it shall  be unlawful to  operate any  unit in the

category  unless each  person  with control  over processes  affecting

emissions  from  such unit  has  satisfactorily  completed a  training

program  meeting  the  requirements established  by  the Administrator

under this subsection.

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