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   "(e) Permits.-Beginning (1) 36 months  after the promulgation of a

performance standard  under subsection (a) and  section 111 applicable

to a category of solid waste incineration units, or (2) the  effective

date of a permit program under title V in the State  in which the unit

is  located, whichever  is  later, each  unit  in the  category  shall

operate pursuant to a permit issued under this subsection and

title V.  Permits required by this subsection may be renewed according

to  the provisions of title V.  Notwithstanding any other provision of

this Act, each permit  for a solid waste incineration  unit combusting

municipal waste issued under this Act shall be issued for  a period of

up to  12 years  and shall  be reviewed  every 5  years after  date of

issuance  or reissuance.  Each  permit shall continue  in effect after

the  date  of  issuance until  the  date  of  termination, unless  the

Administrator or State determines  that the unit is not  in compliance

with  all  standards and  conditions contained  in  the permit.   Such

determination  shall be made at  regular intervals during  the term of

the permit,  such  intervals not  to exceed  5 years,  and only  after

public  comment  and public  hearing.   No  permit  for a  solid waste

incineration  unit  may  be  issued  under  this  Act  by  an  agency,

instrumentality  or person that is also responsible, in whole or part,

for   the  design  and   construction  or   operation  of   the  unit.

Notwithstanding   any  other   provision  of   this  subsection,   the

Administrator or the State shall require the owner or  operator of any

unit  to comply  with  emissions limitations  or  implement any  other

measures, if the Administrator or the  State determines that emissions

in  the  absence of  such limitations  or  measures may  reasonably be

anticipated to  endanger  public  health  or  the  environment.    The

Administrator's  determination  under  the  preceding  sentence  is  a

discretionary decision.

   "(f) Effective Date and Enforcement.-

      "(1)  New units.-Performance  standards and  other requirements

   promulgated  pursuant  to   this  section  and  section   111  and

   applicable  to  new  solid  waste  incineration   units  shall  be

   effective as of the date 6 months after the date of promulgation.

      "(2)   Existing   units.-Performance   standards    and   other

   requirements promulgated pursuant to this section  and section 111

   and applicable  to existing solid  waste incineration units  shall

   be effective as  expeditiously as practicable after approval  of a

   State plan under subsection (b)(2)  (or promulgation of a  plan by

   the Administrator under  subsection (b)(3)) but in  no event later

   than 3  years after the  State plan is approved  or 5 years  after

   the  date  such   standards  or   requirements  are   promulgated,

   whichever is earlier.

      "(3) Prohibition.-After the  effective date of  any performance

   standard,  emission  limitation  or other  requirement promulgated

   pursuant  to this  section and section  111, it  shall be unlawful

   for any owner or  operator of any solid waste incineration unit to

   which such standard, limitation or requirement  applies to operate

   such  unit   in  violation   of  such   limitation,  standard   or

   requirement  or for  any other  person  to  violate an  applicable

   requirement of this section.

      "(4)  Coordination  with  other  authorities.-For  purposes  of

   sections  111(e), 113,  114,  116, 120,  303,  304, 307  and other

   provisions  for the  enforcement  of  this Act,  each  performance

   standard,  emission limitation  or  other  requirement established

   pursuant to this section by the Administrator or a State or  local

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