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   government, shall be treated  in the same manner as  a standard of

   performance under section 111 which is an emission limitation.

   "(g)  Definitions.-For purposes of  section 306  of the  Clean Air

Act Amendments of 1990 and this section only-

      "(1)  Solid  waste  incineration  unit.-The  term  `solid waste

   incineration  unit'  means  a  distinct  operating   unit  of  any

   facility which combusts  any solid waste material  from commercial

   or  industrial  establishments or  the  general public  (including

   single and  multiple residences, hotels,  and motels).  Such  term

   does not  include incinerators or other  units required  to have a

   permit  under section 3005 of  the Solid Waste  Disposal Act.  The

   term  `solid  waste  incineration  unit'  does   not  include  (A)

   materials  recovery  facilities  (including  primary or  secondary

   smelters)  which  combust   waste  for  the  primary   purpose  of

   recovering   metals,  (B)   qualifying  small   power   production

   facilities,  as defined in section  3(17)(C) of  the Federal Power

   Act   (16   U.S.C.   769(17)(C)),   or   qualifying   cogeneration

   facilities, as  defined in section  3(18)(B) of the Federal  Power

   Act (16 U.S.C. 796(18)(B)), which burn homogeneous waste (such  as

   units  which   burn  tires   or  used   oil,  but   not  including

   refuse-derived fuel) for the production  of electric energy or  in

   the   case  of  qualifying   cogeneration  facilities  which  burn

   homogeneous waste for the production of electric energy  and steam

   or  forms of  useful  energy (such  as  heat) which  are  used for

   industrial, commercial,  heating or cooling  purposes, or (C)  air

   curtain  incinerators provided  that  such incinerators  only burn

   wood wastes,  yard  wastes and  clean  lumber  and that  such  air

   curtain  incinerators   comply  with  opacity  limitations  to  be

   established by the Administrator by rule.

      "(2)  New solid  waste incineration  unit.-The term  `new solid

   waste incineration  unit' means  a solid  waste incineration  unit

   the construction  of which  is commenced  after the  Administrator

   proposes requirements  under this  section establishing  emissions

   standards or other  requirements which would be applicable to such

   unit or a modified solid waste incineration unit.

      "(3) Modified solid waste incineration unit.-The term `modified

   solid waste  incineration unit' means  a solid waste  incineration

   unit  at which  modifications have  occurred  after the  effective

   date of  a standard  under subsection  (a) if  (A) the  cumulative

   cost of the modifications,  over the life of  the unit, exceed  50

   per centum of the  original cost of construction and  installation

   of  the  unit (not  including the  cost of  any land  purchased in

   connection  with  such construction  or  installation) updated  to

   current costs,  or (B) the modification is a physical change in or

   change in the method  of operation of the unit which increases the

   amount  of  any  air  pollutant  emitted  by  the  unit  for which

   standards  have been  established under  this  section or  section


      "(4) Existing solid waste incineration unit.-The term `existing

   solid waste incineration unit' means  a solid waste unit  which is

   not a new or modified solid waste incineration unit.

      "(5)  Municipal waste.-The term  `municipal waste' means refuse

   (and refuse-derived  fuel) collected from  the general public  and

   from   residential,  commercial,   institutional,  and  industrial

   sources  consisting of  paper,  wood,  yard wastes,  food  wastes,

   plastics, leather,  rubber, and  other  combustible materials  and

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