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   non-combustible materials such as metal, glass and rock, provid-

   ed that: (A) the term  does not include industrial  process wastes

   or medical wastes  that are segregated from such other wastes; and

   (B) an incineration  unit shall not be considered to be combusting

   municipal waste for purposes of section 111 or  this section if it

   combusts a fuel feed  stream, 30 percent or less of the  weight of

   which is comprised, in aggregate, of municipal waste.

      "(6) Other terms.-The terms solid waste and medical waste shall

   have the  meanings established  by the  Administrator pursuant  to

   the Solid Waste Disposal Act.

   "(h) Other Authority.-

      "(1) State authority.-Nothing in this section shall preclude or

   deny the  right of any State  or political  subdivision thereof to

   adopt  or  enforce  any  regulation,  requirement,  limitation  or

   standard relating to  solid waste incineration units that  is more

   stringent than a  regulation, requirement, limitation  or standard

   in effect under this section or under any other  provision of this


      "(2) Other  authority under  this act.-Nothing in  this section

   shall diminish  the authority of the  Administrator or  a State to

   establish  any  other  requirements  applicable  to  solid   waste

   incineration units  under any  other authority  of law,  including

   the  authority  to  establish for  any  air  pollutant  a national

   ambient  air  quality   standard,  except  that  no   solid  waste

   incineration  unit subject  to  performance  standards under  this

   section and  section  111  shall  be subject  to  standards  under

   section 112(d) of this Act.

      "(3)   Residual   risk.-The   Administrator  shall   promulgate

   standards  under  section 112(f)  for  a category  of solid  waste

   incineration units, if promulgation of such  standards is required

   under section 112(f).   For  purposes of  this preceding  sentence


         "(A) the  performance  standards under  subsection  (a)  and

      section   111  applicable   to  a   category  of   solid  waste

      incineration units  shall  be deemed  standards  under  section

      112(d)(2), and

         "(B)  the  Administrator shall  consider  and  regulate,  if

      required, the pollutants listed  under subsection (a)(4) and no


      "(4)  Acid rain.-A solid waste incineration unit shall not be a

   utility unit  as defined in title IV: Provided, That, more than 80

   per centum  of its annual average  fuel consumption  measured on a

   Btu basis,  during a  period or periods  to be  determined by  the

   Administrator,  is from  a fuel (including  any waste  burned as a

   fuel) other than a fossil fuel.

      "(5)  Requirements  of parts  c  and  d.-No  requirement of  an

   applicable  implementation  plan under  section  165 (relating  to

   construction of  facilities  in  regions  identified  pursuant  to

   section 107(d)(1)(A)  (ii) or  (iii)) or  under section  172(c)(5)

   (relating   to  permits   for   construction  and   operation   in

   nonattainment  areas) may  be  used  to weaken  the  standards  in

   effect under this section.".

   (b) Conforming Amendment.-Section  169(1) of the Clean  Air Act is

amended by  striking "two  hundred and" after  "municipal incinerators

capable of charging more than".

   (c)  Review  of  Acid Gas  Scrubbing  Requirements.-Prior  to  the

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