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      Energy pursuant to  Form 767.  For any utility  unit for  which

      such form was not filed, the baseline

      shall be the level specified for such unit in the 1985 National

      Acid   Precipitation   Assessment  Program   (NAPAP)  Emissions

      Inventory, Version 2, National Utility Reference File (NURF) or

      in a corrected  data base as  established by the  Administrator

      pursuant to paragraph (3).  For non-utility units, the baseline

      is the NAPAP Emissions Inventory, Version 2. The Administrator,

      in  the Administrator's  sole discretion,  may  exclude periods

      during which a unit is shutdown for a continuous period of four

      calendar  months or  longer, and  make  appropriate adjustments

      under this paragraph.   Upon petition of the owner  or operator

      of any  unit, the  Administrator may make  appropriate baseline

      adjustments for accidents that caused prolonged outages.

         "(B) For any  other nonutility unit that is not  included in

      the NAPAP Emissions  Inventory, Version 2, or  a corrected data

      base as established by  the Administrator pursuant to paragraph

      (3), the  baseline  shall be  the annual  average quantity,  in

      mmBtu  consumed in fuel by that unit, as calculated pursuant to

      a method which the  administrator shall prescribe by regulation

      to  be  promulgated  not   later  than  eighteen  months  after

      enactment of the Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990.

         "(C) The Administrator shall, upon application or on his own

      motion, by December 31, 1991, supplement data needed in support

      of this title and correct any factual errors in data from which

      affected  Phase II  units'  baselines or  actual 1985  emission

      rates have been  calculated. Corrected data  shall be used  for

      purposes   of  issuing   allowances   under  the   title.  Such

      corrections shall not be subject  to judicial review, nor shall

      the failure of the Administrator to  correct an alleged factual

      error in such reports be subject to judicial review.

      "(5) The  term `capacity  factor' means the  ratio between  the

   actual  electric output  from a  unit and  the  potential electric

   output from that unit.

      "(6)  The term  `compliance plan'  means, for  purposes of  the

   requirements of this title, either-

         "(A)  a  statement  that  the  source will  comply  with all

      applicable requirements under this title, or

         "(B)  where applicable,  a schedule  and description  of the

      method or methods for compliance and certification by the owner

      or   operator  that  the  source  is  in  compliance  with  the

      requirements of this title.

      "(7)  The term `continuous  emission monitoring  system' (CEMS)

   means the  equipment as required by  section 412,  used to sample,

   analyze, measure, and provide  on a  continuous basis a  permanent

   record of  emissions and  flow (expressed  in  pounds per  million

   British thermal  units (lbs/mmBtu),  pounds per  hour (lbs/hr)  or

   such other form as the Administrator may prescribe  by regulations

   under section 412).

      "(8) The  term `existing  unit' means a  unit (including  units

   subject  to  section  111)  that  commenced  commercial  operation


   the  date of enactment  of the  Clean Air Act  Amendments of 1990.

   Any unit that  commenced commercial  operation before the  date of

   enactment  of  the Clean  Air  Act  Amendments  of  1990 which  is

   modified, reconstructed, or repowered after the  date of enactment

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