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   of the Clean  Air Act Amendments of  1990 shall continue to  be an

   existing unit for the purposes of this title. For the purposes  of

   this title,  existing units  shall not  include simple  combustion

   turbines,  or  units which  serve  a  generator  with a  nameplate

   capacity of 25MWe or less.

      "(9)  The  term  `generator'   means  a  device  that  produces

   electricity and which  is reported  as a generating  unit pursuant

   to Department of Energy Form 860.

      "(10)  The  term   `new  unit'  means  a  unit  that  commences

   commercial operation  on or  after the  date of  enactment of  the

   Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990.

      "(11) The term `permitting  authority' means the Administrator,

   or the  State  or local  air  pollution  control agency,  with  an

   approved permitting program under part B of title III of the Act.

      "(12) The  term `repowering'  means replacement of  an existing

   coal-fired  boiler   with  one   of  the   following  clean   coal

   technologies:    atmospheric   or    pressurized   fluidized   bed

   combustion,     integrated    gasification     combined     cycle,

   magnetohydrodynamics,  direct  and indirect  coal-fired  turbines,

   integrated  gasification  fuel  cells, or  as  determined  by  the

   Administrator, in  consultation with  the Secretary  of Energy,  a

   derivative  of one  or more of  these technologies,  and any other

   technology capable  of controlling  multiple combustion  emissions

   simultaneously with improved  boiler or generation efficiency  and

   with   significantly  greater  waste  reduction  relative  to  the

   performance of technology in  widespread commercial use as  of the

   date  of  enactment of  the  Clean  Air  Act  Amendments of  1990.

   Notwithstanding the provisions of section 409(a),  for the purpose

   of this  title, the term `repowering'  shall also  include any oil

   and/or  gas-fired   unit  which  has   been  awarded  clean   coal

   technology  demonstration funding as  of January  1, 1991,  by the

   Department of Energy.

      "(13)  The   term  `reserve'  means  any   bank  of  allowances

   established by the Administrator under this title.

      "(14)  The term `State' means  one of the  48 contiguous States

   and the District of Columbia.

      "(15)  The term  `unit'  means a  fossil fuel-fired  combustion


      "(16)  The  term  `actual  1985 emission  rate',  for  electric

   utility units means the annual  sulfur dioxide or nitrogen  oxides

   emission rate in  pounds per million Btu as  reported in the NAPAP

   Emissions  Inventory, Version 2,  National Utility Reference File.

   For nonutility  units, the term `actual  1985 emission rate' means

   the  annual sulfur  dioxide or  nitrogen  oxides emission  rate in

   pounds  per  million  Btu  as   reported  in  the  NAPAP  Emission

   Inventory, Version 2.

      "(17)(A) The term `utility unit' means-

         "(i)  a unit  that  serves  a generator  in any  State  that

      produces electricity for sale, or

           "(ii) a unit  that, during 1985, served a generator in any

         State that produced electricity for sale.

      "(B)  Notwithstanding subparagraph  (A),  a unit  described  in

   subparagraph (A) that-

         "(i) was in commercial operation during 1985, but

         "(ii) did not,  during 1985, serve a generator in  any State

      that  produced electricity for sale shall not be a utility unit

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