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      for purposes of this title.

      "(C) A unit  that cogenerates  steam and electricity  is not  a

   `utility  unit' for  purposes  of this  title  unless the  unit is

   constructed   for  the   purpose   of  supplying,   or   commences

   construction  after  the  date  of enactment  of  this  title  and

   supplies, more  than one-third  of its  potential electric  output

   capacity and  more than  25  megawatts  electrical output  to  any

   utility power distribution system for sale.

      "(18)  The  term  `allowable   1985  emissions  rate'  means  a

   federally enforceable emissions  limitation for sulfur  dioxide or

   oxides  of  nitrogen,  applicable  to  the  unit  in  1985  or the

   limitation applicable in such other subsequent  year as determined

   by the  Administrator  if such  a  limitation  for 1985  does  not

   exist. Where the  emissions limitation for a unit is not expressed

   in pounds  of emissions per million  Btu, or  the averaging period

   of that emissions  limitation is not expressed on an annual basis,

   the Administrator  shall calculate the  annual equivalent of  that

   emissions limitation  in pounds per  million Btu to establish  the

   allowable 1985 emissions rate.

      "(19)  The  term  `qualifying   phase  I  technology'  means  a

   technological  system  of  continuous  emission   reduction  which

   achieves a  90 percent  reduction in emissions  of sulfur  dioxide

   from the emissions that would have resulted from the use of  fuels

   which were not subject to treatment prior to combustion.

      "(20)  The  term `alternative  method  of  compliance' means  a

   method  of  compliance in  accordance  with  one  or  more of  the

   following authorities:

         "(A)  a   substitution  plan   submitted  and  approved   in

      accordance with subsections 404 (b) and (c);

         "(B)  a Phase I extension plan approved by the Administrator

      under section  404(d), using  qualifying phase I  technology as

      determined  by  the  Administrator   in  accordance  with  that

      section; or

         "(C) repowering  with  a qualifying  clean  coal  technology

      under section 409.

      "(21) The  term `commenced' as  applied to construction  of any

   new electric  utility unit  means that  an owner  or operator  has

   undertaken a continuous  program of construction or  that an owner

   or  operator  has   entered  into  a  contractual   obligation  to

   undertake and  complete, within  a reasonable  time, a  continuous

   program of construction.

      "(22) The  term `commenced commercial operation'  means to have

   begun to generate electricity for sale.

      "(23) The  term `construction' means fabrication,  erection, or

   installation of an affected unit.

      "(24) The term `industrial  source' means a unit that  does not

   serve a generator  that produces electricity, a  `nonutility unit'

   as defined  in this  section, or a  process source  as defined  in

   section 410(e).

      "(25)  The term  `nonutility unit'  means a  unit other  than a

   utility unit.

      "(26)  The term `designated representative' means a responsible

   person or official authorized  by the owner or operator of  a unit

   to represent  the owner or operator  in matters  pertaining to the

   holding, transfer,  or disposition  of allowances  allocated to  a

   unit, and the submission  of and  compliance with permits,  permit

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