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part, the affected unit's sulfur dioxide reduction requirements to any

other  unit(s) under  the  control of  such  owner or  operator.  Such

proposal shall specify-

      "(1) the designation of  the substitute unit or units  to which

   any part of the reduction  obligations of subsection (a)  shall be

   required,  in addition  to, or in  lieu of,  any original affected

   units designated under such subsection;

      "(2)  the original  affected  unit's baseline,  the actual  and

   allowable  1985  emissions  rate  for  sulfur   dioxide,  and  the

   authorized annual allowance allocation stated in table A;

      "(3)  calculation of  the annual  average tonnage  for calendar

   years 1985,  1986, and  1987, emitted  by the  substitute unit  or

   units, based on  the baseline for each unit, as defined in section

   402(d),  multiplied  by  the  lesser  of  the   unit's  actual  or

   allowable 1985 emissions rate;

      "(4) the emissions rates and tonnage limitations that  would be

   applicable to  the original  and substitute  affected units  under

   the substitution proposal;

      "(5)  documentation, to the  satisfaction of the Administrator,

   that the  reassigned tonnage  limits will,  in total, achieve  the

   same or  greater emissions reduction than would have been achieved

   by  the original  affected unit and  the substitute  unit or units

   without such substitution; and

      "(6) such other information as the Administrator may require.

   "(c)  Administrator's Action  on Substitution  Proposals.-(1)  The

Administrator shall take final action on such substitution proposal in

accordance with  section 408(c) if the  substitution proposal fulfills

the requirements of  this subsection. The Administrator  may approve a

substitution  proposal in whole or in part and with such modifications

or conditions as may be consistent with the orderly functioning of the

allowance  system  and  which  will ensure  the  emissions  reductions

contemplated by this title. If a proposal does

not meet the requirements  of subsection (b), the  Administrator shall

disapprove it. The owner or operator of a unit listed in table A shall

not substitute another unit or units without the prior approval of the


   "(2) Upon  approval of  a substitution  proposal, each  substitute

unit,  and each source with such  unit, shall be deemed affected under

this title, and the Administrator shall issue a permit to the original

and  substitute affected  source  and  unit  in  accordance  with  the

approved substitution  plan and  section 408. The  Administrator shall

allocate allowances for the original and  substitute affected units in

accordance with the approved substitution proposal pursuant to section

403.  It shall be  unlawful for any  source or unit  that is allocated

allowances pursuant to this  section to emit sulfur dioxide  in excess

of the emissions limitation provided  for in the approved substitution

permit and  plan unless the owner or operator of each unit governed by

the permit and approved substitution plan holds allowances to emit not

less  than the units total annual  emissions. The owner or operator of

any original or substitute affected unit operated in violation of this

subsection  shall  be  fully  liable  for  such  violation,  including

liability  for fulfilling the obligations specified  in section 411 of

this   title.  If   a  substitution   proposal  is   disapproved,  the

Administrator shall allocate allowances  to the original affected unit

or units in accordance with subsection (a).

   "(d)  Eligible Phase I Extension  Units.-(1) The owner or operator

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