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requirements: (A)  the total coal-fired generation  within the utility

system  as a percentage of  total system generation  decreased by more

than 20  percent between January 1,  1980, and December 31,  1985; and

(B)  the weighted capacity factor  of all coal-fired  units within the

utility  system averaged over the period from January 1, 1985, through

December  31, 1987,  was  below 50  percent,  the Administrator  shall

allocate allowances under this paragraph for the unit pursuant to this

subsection.  The Administrator  shall allocate  allowances for  a unit

that is an affected unit pursuant  to section 405 (but is not also  an

affected unit  under this section)  and part of a  utility system that

includes 1 or more affected units under section 405 for reductions  in

the  emissions of sulfur dioxide  made during the  period 1995-1999 if

the   unit  meets  the   requirements  of  this   subsection  and  the

requirements of  the preceding sentence, except that  for the purposes

of applying this subsection to any such unit, the prior year concerned

as specified  below, shall be any year after January 1, 1995 but prior

to January 1, 2000.

   "(2) In the case of  an affected unit under this section described

in subparagraph  (A), the  allowances allocated under  this subsection

for early reductions in any prior year may not exceed the amount which

(A)  the product of the unit's  baseline multiplied by the unit's 1985

actual  sulfur dioxide emission rate  (in lbs. per  mmBtu), divided by

2,000, exceeds  (B) the allowances specified for such unit in Table A.

In the case of an affected unit under section 405 described

in subparagraph (A), the allowances awarded  under this subsection for

early reductions in any prior year  may not exceed the amount by which

(i) the  product of the quantity  of fossil fuel consumed  by the unit

(in mmBtu) in the prior  year multiplied by the lesser of 2.50  or the

most stringent emission  rate (in  lbs. per mmBtu)  applicable to  the

unit  under  the applicable  implementation  plan,  divided by  2,000,

exceeds  (ii) the unit's actual tonnage of sulfur dioxide emission for

the prior  year concerned. Allowances allocated  under this subsection

for units referred to  in subparagraph (A) may  be allocated only  for

emission  reductions  achieved  as a  result  of  physical changes  or

changes in the method of operation made after the date of enactment of

the Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990, including changes in the type or

quality of fossil fuel consumed.

   "(3)  In  no event  shall  the  provisions  of  this paragraph  be

interpreted as an event of force majeur or a commercial impractibility

or in any other way as a basis for excused nonperformance by a utility

system  under a  coal  sales contract  in  effect before  the date  of

enactment of the Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990.

   "Table A.-Affected Sources and Units  in Phase I and  Their Sulfur

Dioxide Allowances (tons)

State       Plant Name            Generator     Phase I Allowances  

Alabama         Colbert                    1             13,570

                                          2             15,310

                                          3             15,400                          

                                          4             15,410                          

                                          5             37,180                          

               E.C. Gaston                1             18,100                                                     

                                          2             18,540                          

                                          3             18,310                          

                                          4             19,280                          

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