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for such air  pollutant in the  area concerned for  at least 10  years

after  the  redesignation.  The  plan shall  contain  such  additional

measures, if any, as may be necessary to ensure such maintenance.

   "(b)  Subsequent Plan  Revisions.-8 years  after redesignation  of

any area as an attainment  area under section 107(d), the  State shall

submit to the  Administrator an additional revision  of the applicable

State implementation plan for maintaining the national primary ambient

air quality standard for 10 years after the  expiration of the 10-year

period referred to in subsection (a).

   "(c)   Nonattainment   Requirements   Applicable   Pending    Plan

Approval.-Until  such  plan  revision  is  approved  and  an  area  is

redesignated as attainment for any area designated  as a nonattainment

area, the requirements of this part shall continue in force and effect

with respect to such area.

   "(d) Contingency  Provisions.-Each plan  revision submitted  under

this  section  shall  contain   such  contingency  provisions  as  the

Administrator  deems necessary to assure that  the State will promptly

correct   any  violation  of  the  standard  which  occurs  after  the

redesignation of the area as an attainment area. Such provisions shall

include  a requirement that the State will implement all measures with

respect  to  the control  of the  air  pollutant concerned  which were

contained  in  the  State  implementation  plan  for  the  area before

redesignation of  the area as an  attainment area. The failure  of any

area  redesignated as  an  attainment area  to  maintain the  national

ambient  air  quality  standard  concerned  shall   not  result  in  a

requirement that the State revise its State implementation plan unless

the  Administrator, in  the Administrator's  discretion, requires  the

State to submit a revised State implementation plan.".  

   (f) Interstate Transport Provisions.-

      (1) Interstate  transport commissions.-After section 176 of the

   Clean Air Act (42 U.S.C. 7506) insert:


   "(a)  Authority   To  Establish   Interstate  Transport  Regions.-

Whenever,  on the Administrator's own  motion or by  petition from the

Governor  of any State, the  Administrator has reason  to believe that

the interstate transport  of air  pollutants from one  or more  States

contributes significantly  to a  violation of  a national ambient  air

quality  standard in one or  more other States,  the Administrator may

establish,  by  rule,  a  transport  region  for such  pollutant  that

includes such  States. The  Administrator, on the  Administrator's own

motion or  upon petition from the  Governor of any State,  or upon the

recommendation  of a transport commission established under subsection

(b), may-

      "(1)  add  any  State  or  portion of  a  State  to  any region

   established under  this subsection whenever  the Administrator has

   reason to believe that the  interstate transport of air pollutants

   from such  State significantly contributes  to a violation of  the

   standard in the transport region, or  

      "(2)  remove any  State or portion  of a State  from the region

   whenever the Administrator has reason to believe that the con-

   trol of emissions  in that State or portion  of the State pursuant

   to  this  section   will  not  significantly  contribute   to  the

   attainment of the standard in any area in the region.

The Administrator  shall approve  or disapprove  any such petition  or

recommendation  within 18  months  of its  receipt. The  Administrator

shall  establish  appropriate  proceedings  for  public  participation

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