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   "(3) After January 1,  2000, it shall be unlawful for any existing

utility unit with an  actual 1985 emissions rate  equal to or  greater

than 1.20 lbs/mmBtu whose annual average fuel consumption during 1985,

1986,  and 1987  on a Btu  basis exceeded  90 percent  in the  form of

lignite coal which is located in a State in which, as of July 1, 1989,

no  county or portion of  a county was  designated nonattainment under

section 107 of  this Act for any pollutant subject to the requirements

of section  109 of this Act to exceed an annual sulfur dioxide tonnage

limitation equal to the  product of the unit's baseline  multiplied by

the  lesser of the unit's actual  1985 emissions rate or its allowable

1985 emissions rate, divided by 2,000, unless the owner or operator of

such unit  holds allowances  to emit  not less than  the unit's  total

annual emissions.

   "(4)  After January  1,  2000,  the Administrator  shall  allocate

annually  for   each  unit,   subject  to  the   emissions  limitation

requirements of paragraph  (1), which is  located in a  State with  an

installed electrical generating capacity of more than 30,000,000 kw in

1988  and for  which was  issued  a prohibition  order  or a  proposed

prohibition  order  (from  burning   oil),  which  unit   subsequently

converted  to  coal between  January 1,  1980  and December  31, 1985,

allowances  equal to  the difference  between (A)  the product  of the

unit's annual  fuel  consumption, on  a  Btu basis,  at  a 65  percent

capacity  factor multiplied by the  lesser of its  actual or allowable

emissions  rate during the first  full calendar year after conversion,

divided by 2,000,  and (B) the number of allowances  allocated for the

unit  pursuant  to  paragraph  (1):  Provided,  That   the  number  of

allowances allocated pursuant  to this paragraph  shall not exceed  an

annual total of five thousand. If necessary to meeting the restriction

imposed in the preceding sentence  the Administrator shall reduce, pro

rata,  the  annual  allowances  allocated  for each  unit  under  this


   "(c)  Coal  or  Oil-fired  Units  Below  75  MWe  and  Above  1.20

lbs/mmBtu.-(1) Except  as otherwise  provided in paragraph  (3), after

January 1, 2000, it shall be unlawful for a coal or oil-fired existing

utility unit that serves  a generator with nameplate capacity  of less

than  75 MWe  and an actual  1985 emission  rate equal  to, or greater

than, 1.20 lbs/mmBtu and which is  a unit owned by a utility operating

company  whose aggregate nameplate fossil fuel steam-electric capacity

is, as  of December 31, 1989,  equal to, or  greater than, 250  MWe to

exceed  an annual  sulfur  dioxide emissions  limitation equal  to the

product of the unit's baseline multiplied by an emission rate equal to

1.20 lbs/mmBtu, divided by 2,000, unless the owner or operator of such

unit holds  allowances to emit  not less than the  unit's total annual


   "(2)  After January 1,  2000, it  shall be unlawful  for a coal or

oil-fired existing utility unit that serves a generator with nameplate

capacity of  less than 75 MWe  and an actual 1985  emission rate equal

to, or greater than, 1.20 lbs/mmBtu (excluding units subject to sec-

tion 111 of the Act or to a federally enforceable emissions limitation

for  sulfur dioxide  equivalent to  an annual rate  of less  than 1.20

lbs/mmBtu) and which  is a unit owned  by a utility  operating company

whose aggregate  nameplate fossil fuel steam-electric  capacity is, as

of December  31, 1989, less than  250 MWe, to exceed  an annual sulfur

dioxide tonnage  emissions  limitation equal  to  the product  of  the

unit's  baseline multiplied by the lesser of its actual 1985 emissions

rate  or its allowable 1985  emissions rate, divided  by 2,000, unless

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