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      "(C) units applying cell burner technology;

      "(D) all  other types  of utility boilers.   The  Administrator

   shall  base  such  rates on  the  degree  of  reduction achievable

   through the retrofit application of the best  system of continuous

   emission  reduction,  taking  into  account available  technology,

   costs  and  energy   and  environmental  impacts;  and   which  is

   comparable to the costs of  nitrogen oxides controls set  pursuant

   to  subsection  (b)(1).  Not  later  than  January  1,  1997,  the

   Administrator may revise  the applicable emission limitations  for

   tangentially fired and dry bottom, wall-fired  boilers (other than

   cell  burners)   to  be  more   stringent  if  the   Administrator

   determines  that  more  effective low  NOx  burner  technology  is

   available:  Provided, That,  no  unit  that is  an  affected  unit

   pursuant to  section 404 and that  is subject  to the requirements

   of subsection  (b)(1), shall  be subject  to the  revised emission

   limitations, if any.

   "(c) Revised Performance Standards.-(1) Not later  than January 1,

1993, the Administrator shall propose revised standards of performance

to section  111 for nitrogen  oxides emissions from  fossil-fuel fired

steam generating units, including both electric utility and nonutility

units.  Not  later than  January  1,  1994,  the  Administrator  shall

promulgate  such  revised  standards  of  performance.   Such  revised

standards of performance shall reflect improvements in methods for the

reduction of emissions of oxides of nitrogen.

   "(d)  Alternative  Emission Limitations.-The  permitting authority

shall, upon request of an owner or operator of a unit subject  to this

section,  authorize an  emission  limitation less  stringent than  the

applicable limitation  established under  subsection (b)(1) or  (b)(2)

upon a determination that-

      "(1) a  unit  subject  to  subsection (b)(1)  cannot  meet  the

   applicable limitation using low NOx burner technology; or

      "(2) a  unit  subject  to subsection  (b)(2)  cannot  meet  the

   applicable rate  using the technology  on which the  Administrator

   based the applicable emission limitation.

 The  permitting  authority  shall  base such  determination  upon  a

showing satisfactory to the permitting authority, in accordance with

regulations established  by the Administrator not  later than eighteen

months after enactment of  the Clean Air Act Amendments  of 1990, that

the owner or operator-

      "(1)  has  properly  installed  appropriate  control  equipment

   designed to meet the applicable emission rate;

      "(2) has  properly  operated such  equipment  for a  period  of

   fifteen months (or  such other period of time as the Administrator

   determines through the  regulations), and  provides operating  and

   monitoring  data  for  such period  demonstrating  that  the  unit

   cannot meet the applicable emission rate; and

      "(3) has specified an emission rate that such  unit can meet on

   an annual average  basis.  The permitting authority shall issue an

   operating  permit for  the unit  in question,  in  accordance with

   section 408 and part B of title III-

      "(i)  that permits  the  unit during  the demonstration  period

   referred  to  in subparagraph  (2) above,  to  emit at  a  rate in

   excess of the applicable emission rate;

      "(ii) at the  conclusion of the demonstration  period to revise

   the  operating permit  to reflect  the  alternative emission  rate

   demonstrated in paragraphs (2) and (3) above.  

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