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Units subject to  subsection (b)(1) for which an  alternative emission

limitation  is  established shall  not  be  required  to  install  any

additional control technology beyond low  NOx burners. Nothing in this

section  shall  preclude  an  owner or  operator  from  installing and

operating an  alternative NOx control technology  capable of achieving

the applicable emission limitation. If the owner or operator of a unit

subject to the emissions  limitation requirements of subsection (b)(1)

demonstrates  to  the  satisfaction  of  the  Administrator  that  the

technology  necessary to  meet  such requirements  is not  in adequate

supply   to  enable  its  installation  and  operation  at  the  unit,

consistent  with  system reliability,  by  January 1,  1995,  then the

Administrator shall extend the deadline for compliance for the unit by

a  period  of  15  months. Any  owner  or  operator  may  petition the

Administrator to make a determination under the previous sentence. The

Administrator shall grant  or deny  such petition within  3 months  of


   "(e)   Emissions  Averaging.-In   lieu  of   complying  with   the

applicable emission limitations under subsection (b) (1), (2), or (d),

the owner or operator of  two or more units subject to one  or more of

the applicable  emission limitations  set pursuant to  these sections,

may petition the permitting authority for  alternative contemporaneous

annual  emission limitations for such  units that ensure  that (1) the

actual annual emission rate  in pounds of nitrogen oxides  per million

Btu averaged over the units in question is a rate that is less than or

equal to (2)  the Btu-weighted  average annual emission  rate for  the

same units if they had been operated, during the same  period of time,

in  compliance with limitations set in  accordance with the applicable

emission rates set pursuant to subsections (b) (1) and (2).

   "If  the  permitting  authority  determines,  in  accordance  with

regulations issued by the Administrator not later than eighteen months

after enactment  of the  Clean Air Act  Amendments of  1990; that  the

conditions in the paragraph above can be met, the permitting au-

thority shall issue  operating permits for  such units, in  accordance

with section  408 and  part B  of  title III,  that allow  alternative

contemporaneous annual emission limitations. Such emission limitations

shall  only remain in effect while both units continue operation under

the conditions specified in their respective operating permits.  


   "(a)  Permit  Program.-The  provisions  of  this  title  shall  be

implemented,  subject  to  section 403,  by  permits  issued  to units

subject to this title (and enforced) in accordance with the provisions

of title V, as  modified by this title. Any such  permit issued by the

Administrator,  or by a State  with an approved  permit program, shall


      "(1) annual emissions of sulfur dioxide in excess of the number

   of  allowances to  emit sulfur dioxide  the owner  or operator, or

   the  designated representative of the  owners or operators, of the

   unit hold for the unit,

      "(2) exceedances of applicable emissions rates,

      "(3) the  use of any allowance  prior to the year  for which it

   was allocated, and

      "(4) contravention of any other provision of the permit.   

Permits issued to implement this title shall be issued for a period of

5  years, notwithstanding title  V. No permit shall  be issued that is

inconsistent  with  the requirements  of this  title,  and title  V as


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