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   "(b)  Compliance  Plan.-Each initial  permit application  shall be

accompanied by  a compliance plan  for the  source to comply  with its

requirements under  this title. Where  an affected source  consists of

more than one affected unit, such plan shall cover all such units, and

for  purposes of  section 502(c),  such source  shall be  considered a

`facility'. Nothing in  this section regarding compliance plans  or in

title V shall be construed as affecting allowances. Except as provided

under  subsection (c)(1)(B), submission of a statement by the owner or

operator,  or   the  designated  representative  of   the  owners  and

operators, of a unit subject to the emissions limitation  requirements

of sections 404, 405, and 407,  that the unit will meet the applicable

emissions limitation requirements of such  sections in a timely manner

or  that,  in the  case of  the  emissions limitation  requirements of

sections 404 and 405, the owners and operators will hold allowances to

emit not  less than the total  annual emissions of the  unit, shall be

deemed  to   meet  the  proposed  and   approved  compliance  planning

requirements of  this section and title  V, except that,  for any unit

that  will  meet  the requirements  of  this  title  by  means  of  an

alternative  method of  compliance authorized  under section  404 (b),

(c), (d), or (f) section 407 (d)  or (e), section 409 and section 410,

the  proposed and  approved  compliance plan,  permit application  and

permit  shall  include, pursuant  to  regulations  promulgated by  the

Administrator,   for   each   alternative  method   of   compliance  a

comprehensive  description of the schedule and means by which the unit

will rely on  one or  more alternative  methods of  compliance in  the

manner  and  time authorized  under  this  title. Recordation  by  the

Administrator of transfers of allowances shall amend automatically all

applicable  proposed or approved permit applications, compliance plans

and permits. The Administrator may also require-

      "(1) for a  source, a demonstration  of attainment of  national

   ambient air quality standards, and

      "(2)  from  the  owner or  operator  of  two  or more  affected

   sources, an integrated  compliance plan providing an  overall plan

   for achieving compliance at the affected sources.

   "(c) First  Phase Permits.-The  Administrator shall  issue permits

to affected sources under sections 404 and 407.

      "(1) Permit application and compliance plan.-(A) Not later than

   27  months after the date  of the enactment  of the  Clean Air Act

   Amendments of  1990, the designated  representative of the  owners

   or operators, or the owner  and operator, of each  affected source

   under sections 404 and 407  shall submit a permit  application and

   compliance plan  for that  source in  accordance with  regulations

   issued  by  the  Administrator under  paragraph  (3).  The  permit

   application and the  compliance plan shall be binding on the owner

   or  operator  or  the  designated  representative  of  owners  and

   operators  for purposes  of this  title  and  section 402(a),  and

   shall be enforceable in lieu  of a permit until a permit is issued

   by the Administrator for the source.

      "(B) In the case  of a compliance  plan for an affected  source

   under  sections  404 and  407  for  which  the  owner or  operator

   proposes  to meet  the requirements  of that  section  by reducing

   utilization of  the unit  as  compared with  its baseline   or  by

   shutting  down the  unit, the owner  or operator  shall include in

   the proposed compliance  plan a specification of the unit or units

   that  will provide  electrical generation  to  compensate for  the

   reduced output  at the  affected source, or  a demonstration  that

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