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this title or title V  shall be construed as requiring termination  of

operations of an electric utility steam generating unit for failure to

have  an approved permit or compliance plan, except that any such unit

may be  subject to  the applicable  enforcement provisions  of section


   "(i)  Multiple  Owners.-No  permit  shall  be  issued  under  this

section to an affected unit until the designated representative of the

owners or  operators has  filed a  certificate of representation  with

regard  to  matters  under  this  title,  including  the  holding  and

distribution of allowances and  the proceeds of transactions involving

allowances. Where there are  multiple holders of a legal  or equitable

title to, or a leasehold interest in,  such a unit, or where a utility

or  industrial customer  purchases  power from  an  affected unit  (or

units)  under life-of-the-unit,  firm power  contractual arrangements,

the  certificate shall state (1)  that allowances and  the proceeds of

transactions involving  allowances  will  be  deemed  to  be  held  or

distributed  in   proportion  to   each  holder's   legal,  equitable,

leasehold, or contractual  reservation or entitlement, or  (2) if such

multiple holders have expressly  provided for a different distribution

of  allowances  by  contract,  that  allowances  and  the  proceeds of

transactions  involving allowances  will  be  deemed  to  be  held  or

distributed  in accordance with the  contract. A passive  lessor, or a

person who has an equitable

interest through such  lessor, whose  rental payments  are not  based,

either  directly or indirectly, upon  the revenues or  income from the

affected  unit  shall  not  be  deemed to  be  a  holder  of  a legal,

equitable,  leasehold,  or contractual  interest  for  the purpose  of

holding  or distributing  allowances as  provided in  this subsection,

during  either  the  term  of  such  leasehold or  thereafter,  unless

expressly provided for in the leasehold agreement. Except as otherwise

provided in  this subsection, where all legal or equitable title to or

interest  in  an  affected unit  is  held  by  a  single  person,  the

certification shall state that all allowances received by the unit are

deemed to be held for that person.  


   "(a) Availability.-Not later than December  31, 1997, the owner or

operator  of an  existing  unit subject  to  the emissions  limitation

requirements  of  section  405 (b)  and  (c)  may  demonstrate to  the

permitting authority that one  or more units will be repowered  with a

qualifying clean coal technology to comply with the requirements under

section  405.  The owner  or  operator  shall,  as part  of  any  such

demonstration, provide,  not later than January  1, 2000, satisfactory

documentation of a preliminary design and engineering effort  for such

repowering  and an executed and  binding contract for  the majority of

the equipment to repower such  unit and such other information as  the

Administrator  may  require  by  regulation.  The  replacement  of  an

existing  utility  unit with  a new  utility  unit using  a repowering

technology  referred  to  in section  402(2)  which  is  located at  a

different  site, shall be treated  as repowering of  the existing unit

for purposes of this title, if-

      "(1)  the  replacement  unit  is  designated by  the  owner  or

   operator to replace such existing unit, and

      "(2) the existing unit is retired from service on or before the

   date on  which the designated  replacement unit enters  commercial


   "(b)   Extension.-(1)  An   owner  or   operator   satisfying  the

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