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sources under this  section shall  be subject to  the requirements  of

sections 403, 408, 411, 412, 413, and 414.

   "(f) Limitation.-Any unit designated under this  section shall not

transfer  or  bank   allowances  produced  as  a   result  of  reduced

utilization  or   shutdown,  except  that,  such   allowances  may  be

transferred  or carried  forward for  use in  subsequent years  to the

extent that  the  reduced utilization  or  shutdown results  from  the

replacement  of thermal  energy from  the unit  designated  under this

section,  with thermal  energy generated  by any  other unit  or units

subject to the requirements  of this title, and the  designated unit's

allowances  are transferred or carried  forward for use  at such other

replacement unit or units.  In no case may the  Administrator allocate

to  a source  designated under  this section  allowances in  an amount

greater than

the  emissions  resulting  from  operation  of   the  source  in  full

compliance with the requirements of this Act. No such allowances shall

authorize operation of a  unit in violation of any  other requirements

of this Act.

   "(g) Implementation.-The Administrator shall issue  regulations to

implement this section not later than eighteen  months after enactment

of the Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990.

   "(h)  Small  Diesel  Refineries.-The  Administrator   shall  issue

allowances  to owners  or  operators of  small  diesel refineries  who

produce diesel fuel after October 1, 1993, meeting the requirements of

subsection 211(i) of this Act.

      "(1) Allowance period.-Allowances may  be allocated under  this

   subsection  only  for the  period from  October  1,  1993, through

   December 31, 1999.

      "(2)   Allowance   determination.-The   number  of   allowances

   allocated  pursuant  to  this paragraph  shall  equal  the  annual

   number  of pounds  of  sulfur  dioxide reduction  attributable  to

   desulfurization  by a  small refinery  divided by  2,000. For  the

   purposes of this calculation, the concentration  of sulfur removed

   from  diesel fuel  shall be  the difference  between 0.274 percent

   (by weight) and 0.050 percent (by weight).

      "(3) Refinery eligibility.-As used in this subsection, the term

   `small refinery' shall mean a refinery or portion of a refinery-

         "(A) which, as of the date of enactment of the Clean Air Act

      Amendments  of 1990, has bona fide crude oil throughput of less

      than 18,250,000 barrels per year, as reported to the Department

      of Energy, and

         "(B) which, as of the date of enactment of the Clean Air Act

      Amendments of 1990, is owned or controlled by a refiner with  a

      total  combined bona  fide  crude oil  throughput of  less than

      50,187,500  barrels per year, as  reported to the Department of


      "(4) Limitation  per refinery.-The maximum number of allowances

   that  can be  annually allocated to  a small  refinery pursuant to

   this subsection is one thousand and five hundred.

      "(5) Limitation on  total.-In any given year,  the total number

   of  allowances allocated  pursuant to  this  subsection shall  not

   exceed thirty-five thousand.

      "(6)  Required  certification.-The   Administrator  shall   not

   allocate any  allowances pursuant  to this  subsection unless  the

   owner  or  operator   of  a  small  diesel  refinery   shall  have

   certified,  at  a  time  and   in  a  manner  prescribed   by  the

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