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240 / 316

   means a  schedule of remedial  measures, including an  enforceable

   sequence of  actions or operations, leading  to compliance with an

   applicable   implementation  plan,   emission  standard,  emission

   limitation, or emission prohibition.

      "(4)  Permitting  authority.-The  term  `permitting  authority'

   means  the  Administrator  or the  air  pollution  control  agency

   authorized by  the Administrator  to  carry out  a permit  program

   under this title.


   "(a) Violations.-After  the effective date  of any permit  program

approved or promulgated under this title, it shall be unlawful for any

person to violate any requirement of a permit issued under this title,

or to  operate an affected source  (as provided in title  IV), a major

source,  any  other  source  (including an  area  source)  subject  to

standards  or regulations under section  111 or 112,  any other source

required to have a permit under parts C or  D of title I, or any other

stationary  source in a  category designated (in whole  or in part) by

regulations promulgated by the  Administrator (after notice and public

comment) which shall  include a  finding setting forth  the basis  for

such  designation,  except in  compliance with  a  permit issued  by a

permitting  authority under  this title.  (Nothing in  this subsection

shall  be construed to alter  the applicable requirements  of this Act

that a  permit be obtained  before construction or  modification.) The

Administrator may,  in the  Administrator's discretion  and consistent

with the applicable provisions of this Act, promulgate

regulations to exempt  one or more  source categories (in whole  or in

part) from  the requirements of  this subsection if  the Administrator

finds   that  compliance  with  such  requirements  is  impracticable,

infeasible,  or  unnecessarily burdensome  on such  categories, except

that  the  Administrator may  not exempt  any  major source  from such


   "(b)  Regulations.-The Administrator  shall  promulgate  within 12

months after the date of the enactment of the Clean Air Act Amendments

of  1990 regulations  establishing the  minimum elements  of a  permit

program  to be administered by any air pollution control agency. These

elements shall include each of the following:

      "(1) Requirements for permit applications, including a standard

   application form and criteria for  determining in a timely fashion

   the completeness of applications.

      "(2) Monitoring and reporting requirements.

      "(3)(A) A requirement  under State or  local law or  interstate

   compact that  the owner or operator of  all sources subject to the

   requirement to  obtain a  permit under  this title  pay an  annual

   fee,  or  the equivalent  over  some other  period, sufficient  to

   cover  all reasonable  (direct  and  indirect) costs  required  to

   develop and  administer the  permit program  requirements of  this

   title, including section 507, including the reasonable costs of-

         "(i) reviewing  and acting  upon any application  for such a


         "(ii)  if the owner  or operator receives a  permit for such

      source,  whether before or after  the date of  the enactment of

      the  Clean  Air  Act   Amendments  of  1990,  implementing  and

      enforcing the  terms and  conditions of  any such  permit  (not

      including any  court costs or  other costs associated  with any

      enforcement action),

         "(iii) emissions and ambient monitoring,

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