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         "(iv)  preparing   generally  applicable   regulations,   or


         "(v) modeling, analyses, and demonstrations, and

         "(vi) preparing inventories and tracking emissions.

      "(B)  The total  amount  of fees  collected  by the  permitting

   authority shall conform to the following requirements:

         "(i)  The  Administrator  shall  not  approve  a  program as

      meeting  the requirements  of this  paragraph unless  the State

      demonstrates    that,   except   as   otherwise   provided   in

      subparagraphs  (ii)  through  (v)  of  this  subparagraph,  the

      program will result in the  collection, in the aggregate,  from

      all  sources subject to subparagraph (A), of an amount not less

      than $25 per  ton of  each regulated pollutant,  or such  other

      amount as the  Administrator may determine  adequately reflects

      the reasonable costs of the permit program.

         "(ii)  As used  in  this subparagraph,  the  term `regulated

      pollutant'  shall mean  (I) a  volatile organic  compound; (II)

      each pollutant regulated  under section 111  or 112; and  (III)

      each pollutant for which a national primary ambient air quality

      standard  has been  promulgated  (except  that carbon  monoxide

      shall be excluded from this reference).

         "(iii)  In  determining the  amount  under  clause  (i), the

      permitting authority is not required to include any amount of

      regulated pollutant emitted  by any source  in excess of  4,000

      tons per year of that regulated pollutant.

         "(iv) The requirements of clause (i) shall not apply if  the

      permitting  authority  demonstrates that  collecting  an amount

      less than the amount  specified under clause (i) will  meet the

      requirements of subparagraph (A).

         "(v) The fee calculated under clause (i) shall  be increased

      (consistent  with  the  need  to  cover  the  reasonable  costs

      authorized by  subparagraph (A))  in each year  beginning after

      the year  of the enactment of  the Clean Air  Act Amendments of

      1990 by the  percentage, if  any, by which  the Consumer  Price

      Index for  the  most recent  calendar  year ending  before  the

      beginning of such year exceeds the Consumer Price Index for the

      calendar year 1989. For purposes of this clause-

           "(I) the  Consumer Price  Index for  any calendar  year is

         the  average  of  the  Consumer  Price  Index  for all-urban

         consumers  published by the  Department of Labor, as  of the

         close of  the 12-month  period ending on August  31 of  each

         calendar year, and

           "(II) the revision  of the  Consumer Price Index  which is

         most consistent  with the Consumer  Price Index for calendar

         year 1989 shall be used.

      "(C)(i) If the Administrator  determines, under subsection (d),

   that  the fee  provisions of the  operating permit  program do not

   meet the requirements  of this paragraph, or  if the Administrator

   makes a determination,  under subsection (i), that  the permitting

   authority  is   not  adequately  administering   or  enforcing  an

   approved  fee  program,  the Administrator  may,  in  addition  to

   taking  any other  action  authorized  under this  title,  collect

   reasonable  fees from  the sources  identified under  subparagraph

   (A).   Such  fees   shall  be   designed  solely   to   cover  the

   Administrator's  costs  of  administering the  provisions  of  the

   permit program promulgated by the Administrator.

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