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      "(ii) Any source that fails to pay fees lawfully imposed by the

   Administrator under  this subparagraph shall pay  a penalty  of 50

   percent  of  the fee  amount,  plus  interest  on  the fee  amount

   computed in  accordance with  section 6621(a)(2)  of the  Internal

   Revenue Code  of  1986  (relating to  computation  of interest  on

   underpayment of Federal taxes).

      "(iii) Any  fees, penalties, and interest  collected under this

   subparagraph shall  be deposited in a  special fund  in the United

   States   Treasury  for   licensing  and   other  services,   which

   thereafter   shall  be  available  for  appropriation,  to  remain

   available until expended,  subject to appropriation, to  carry out

   the Agency's  activities for  which the fees  were collected.  Any

   fee required  to be  collected by  a State,  local, or  interstate

   agency  under this  subsection shall  be utilized  solely to cover

   all reasonable  (direct and  indirect) costs  required to  support

   the permit program as set forth in subparagraph (A).

      "(4)  Requirements  for  adequate  personnel  and  funding   to

   administer the program.

      "(5) A requirement that  the permitting authority have adequate

   authority to:

         "(A)  issue permits  and  assure compliance  by  all sources

      required to have a permit under this title with each applicable

      standard, regulation or requirement under this Act;

         "(B) issue permits for a fixed term, not to exceed 5 years;

         "(C)   assure  that   upon  issuance   or   renewal  permits

      incorporate emission  limitations and other requirements  in an

      applicable implementation plan;

         "(D) terminate,  modify, or  revoke and  reissue permits for


         "(E) enforce  permits,  permit  fee  requirements,  and  the

      requirement to obtain a  permit, including authority to recover

      civil  penalties in a maximum  amount of not  less than $10,000

      per day  for each  violation, and provide  appropriate criminal

      penalties; and

         "(F)  assure   that  no  permit  will   be  issued   if  the

      Administrator objects  to its issuance in a timely manner under

      this title.

      "(6)  Adequate,  streamlined,  and  reasonable  procedures  for

   expeditiously  determining  when applications  are  complete,  for

   processing  such   applications,  for   public  notice,  including

   offering an opportunity  for public comment and a hearing, and for

   expeditious  review  of permit  actions,  including  applications,

   renewals, or revisions, and including an  opportunity for judicial

   review  in  State   court  of  the  final  permit  action  by  the

   applicant,  any person  who  participated  in the  public  comment

   process, and any  other person who could obtain judicial review of

   that action under applicable law.

      "(7)  To ensure  against unreasonable  delay by  the permitting

   authority, adequate  authority and  procedures to  provide that  a

   failure   of  such  permitting  authority  to   act  on  a  permit

   application or permit renewal application (in  accordance with the

   time periods  specified in  section 503 or,  as appropriate, title

   IV)  shall be treated as a final permit action solely for purposes

   of obtaining judicial review in  State court of an  action brought

   by any person referred to  in paragraph (6) to require that action

   be taken by the  permitting authority on such application  without

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