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   additional delay.

      "(8) Authority, and  reasonable procedures consistent with  the

   need for expeditious action by  the permitting authority on permit

   applications and related matters, to make available  to the public

   any permit  application, compliance  plan, permit, and  monitoring

   or  compliance  report  under  section  503(e),   subject  to  the

   provisions of section 114(c) of this Act.

      "(9) A requirement  that the permitting authority,  in the case

   of permits  with a  term of  3 or  more years  for major  sources,

   shall require  revisions to the  permit to incorporate  applicable

   standards and  regulations promulgated  under this  Act after  the

   issuance  of   such  permit.   Such  revisions   shall  occur   as

   expeditiously as practicable  and consistent  with the  procedures

   established  under  paragraph  (6) but  not  later than  18 months

   after the  promulgation of such standards and regulations. No such

   revision shall be  required if the effective date of the standards

   or regulations is a date after the expiration  of the permit term.

   Such permit revision shall  be treated as  a permit renewal if  it

   complies with the requirements of this title regarding renewals.

      "(10) Provisions  to allow changes within  a permitted facility

   (or one operating pursuant to  section 503(d)) without requiring a

   permit revision,  if the changes  are not modifications under  any

   provision of  title I and the changes  do not exceed the emissions

   allowable under the permit  (whether expressed  therein as a  rate

   of emissions  or in terms of  total emissions:  Provided, That the

   facility provides the  Administrator and the permitting  authority

   with  written notification  in  advance  of the  proposed  changes

   which  shall  be  a  minimum  of  7  days,  unless  the permitting

   authority provides  in its regulations  a different timeframe  for


   "(c) Single Permit.-A single permit  may be issued for  a facility

with multiple sources.

   "(d) Submission  and Approval.-(1)  Not later  than 3  years after

the date of the enactment of the Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990, the

Governor of each State shall develop and submit to the Administrator a

permit program under State or local law or under an interstate compact

meeting  the requirements  of  this title.  In addition,  the Governor

shall  submit  a  legal opinion  from  the  attorney  general (or  the

attorney  for those  State air  pollution control  agencies  that have

independent  legal counsel),  or from  the chief  legal officer  of an

interstate  agency, that  the  laws of  the  State, locality,  or  the

interstate  compact  provide  adequate  authority  to  carry  out  the

program. Not  later than 1 year  after receiving a program,  and after

notice  and opportunity  for public  comment, the  Administrator shall

approve  or  disapprove  such  program,  in  whole  or  in  part.  The

Administrator may approve  a program  to the extent  that the  program

meets the requirements  of this Act, including the  regulations issued

under subsection (b). If  the program is disapproved,  in whole or  in

part,  the Administrator shall notify the Governor of any revisions or

modifications necessary to obtain  approval. The Governor shall revise

and resubmit the program for review under this section within 180 days

after receiving notification.

   "(2)(A) If  the Governor  does not  submit a  program as  required

under  paragraph  (1) or  if the  Administrator disapproves  a program

submitted by the  Governor under paragraph (1),  in whole or in  part,

the  Administrator may, prior to the expiration of the 18-month period

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