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referred to  in subparagraph  (B), in the  Administrator's discretion,

apply any of the sanctions specified in section 179(b).

   "(B) If  the Governor does not submit a  program as required under

paragraph (1), or  if the Administrator  disapproves any such  program

submitted by the Governor under paragraph (1), in whole or in part, 18

months after  the date required for such submittal or the date of such

disapproval,  as  the  case  may  be, the  Administrator  shall  apply

sanctions under section 179(b) in the  same manner and subject to  the

same deadlines and other conditions as are applicable in the case of a

determination, disapproval, or finding under section 179(a).

   "(C)  The  sanctions  under  section  179(b)(2)  shall  not  apply

pursuant to this paragraph in any area unless the failure to submit or

the disapproval referred to in subparagraph (A) or (B) relates to an

air  pollutant for which such area has been designated a nonattainment

area (as defined in part D of title I).

   "(3)  If a program meeting the requirements  of this title has not

been approved in whole for any State, the Administrator shall, 2 years

after  the  date  required for  submission  of  such  a program  under

paragraph  (1), promulgate,  administer, and  enforce a  program under

this title for that State.

   "(e) Suspension.-The Administrator  shall suspend the  issuance of

permits  promptly upon publication of  notice of approval  of a permit

program  under  this  section,   but  may,  in  such   notice,  retain

jurisdiction over  permits that have  been federally  issued, but  for

which the administrative  or judicial review process is  not complete.

The Administrator  shall continue to administer  and enforce federally

issued permits under  this title until they  are replaced by  a permit

issued by a permitting  program. Nothing in this subsection  should be

construed  to limit  the  Administrator's ability  to enforce  permits

issued by a State.

   "(f)  Prohibition.-No  partial permit  program  shall be  approved

unless,  at a minimum, it  applies, and ensures  compliance with, this

title and each of the following:

      "(1) All requirements established  under title IV applicable to

   `affected sources'.

      "(2) All requirements established  under section 112 applicable

   to `major sources', `area sources,' and `new sources'.

      "(3)  All  requirements of  title  I (other  than  section 112)

   applicable to sources  required to have a permit under this title.

   Approval of a partial program  shall not relieve the State of  its

   obligation to submit a complete program, nor from  the application

   of  any  sanctions  under  this  Act  for  failure  to  submit  an

   approvable permit program.

   "(g) Interim  Approval.-If a program  (including a partial  permit

program)   submitted   under  this   title  substantially   meets  the

requirements  of  this  title,  but  is  not   fully  approvable,  the

Administrator may by rule  grant the program interim approval.  In the

notice  of  final  rulemaking,  the Administrator  shall  specify  the

changes  that must  be  made  before  the  program  can  receive  full

approval.  An interim approval under this subsection shall expire on a

date  set  by the  Administrator  not later  than 2  years  after such

approval, and may not be  renewed. For the period of any  such interim

approval,  the provisions of subsection  (d)(2), and the obligation of

the Administrator to  promulgate a  program under this  title for  the

State  pursuant  to  subsection   (d)(3),  shall  be  suspended.  Such

provisions and such obligation of the Administrator shall apply  after

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