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the expiration of such interim approval.

   "(h) Effective  Date.-The effective date  of a permit program,  or

partial  or interim program, approved  under this title,  shall be the

effective date of approval by the Administrator. The effective date of

a  permit  program, or  partial  permit  program,  promulgated by  the

Administrator shall be the date of promulgation.

   "(i)    Administration    and   Enforcement.-(1)    Whenever   the

Administrator makes a determination that a permitting authority is not

adequately administering and enforcing  a program, or portion thereof,

in accordance with the  requirements of this title, the  Administrator

shall provide notice to the State and may, prior to the

expiration of the 18-month period referred to in paragraph (2), in the

Administrator's discretion,  apply any  of the sanctions  specified in

section 179(b).

   "(2)  Whenever the  Administrator  makes  a determination  that  a

permitting authority  is not adequately administering  and enforcing a

program,  or portion thereof,  in accordance with  the requirements of

this  title, 18 months  after the date  of the notice  under paragraph

(1), the  Administrator shall apply the sanctions under section 179(b)

in  the  same  manner and  subject  to  the same  deadlines  and other

conditions  as  are  applicable  in  the   case  of  a  determination,

disapproval, or finding under section 179(a).

   "(3)  The  sanctions  under  section  179(b)(2)  shall  not  apply

pursuant  to this  subsection  in  any  area  unless  the  failure  to

adequately  enforce  and administer  the  program  relates to  an  air

pollutant for  which  such area  has been  designated a  nonattainment


   "(4)  Whenever  the   Administrator  has  made  a   finding  under

paragraph  (1) with  respect  to  any  State,  unless  the  State  has

corrected  such deficiency  within 18  months after  the date  of such

finding,  the  Administrator shall,  2 years  after  the date  of such

finding,  promulgate, administer,  and  enforce a  program under  this

title for that State. Nothing in this paragraph  shall be construed to

affect the validity  of a program  which has been approved  under this

title or the authority  of any permitting authority acting  under such

program  until such  time  as  such  program  is  promulgated  by  the

Administrator under this paragraph.


   "(a)  Applicable  Date.-Any source  specified  in  section  502(a)

shall  become subject  to a  permit  program, and  required to  have a

permit, on the later of the following dates-

      "(1)  the  effective date  of a  permit  program or  partial or

   interim permit program applicable to the source; or

      "(2) the date such source becomes subject to section 502(a).

   "(b)  Compliance  Plan.-(1)  The regulations  required  by section

502(b)  shall include a requirement that the applicant submit with the

permit application  a compliance plan  describing how the  source will

comply with all applicable requirements under this Act. The compliance

plan  shall include  a schedule  of compliance,  and a  schedule under

which the  permittee will  submit progress reports  to the  permitting

authority no less frequently than every 6 months.

   "(2)  The  regulations  shall further  require  the  permittee  to

periodically (but no less frequently  than annually) certify that  the

facility is  in compliance  with  any applicable  requirements of  the

permit, and to promptly report any deviations from permit requirements

to the permitting authority.

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