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   to the State in which the emission originates, or

      "(B) that are within 50 miles of the source,  

each  permit   application  or   proposed  permit  forwarded   to  the

Administrator under this section, and shall provide an opportunity for

such States to submit  written recommendations respecting the issuance

of  the permit  and its  terms and  conditions. If  any part  of those

recommendations  are not  accepted by  the permitting  authority, such

authority shall  notify the  State submitting the  recommendations and

the  Administrator   in  writing  of  its  failure   to  accept  those

recommendations and the reasons therefor.

   "(b) Objection by EPA.-(1) If any permit  contains provisions that

are  determined by  the Administrator  as not  in compliance  with the

applicable requirements of this Act, including the requirements  of an

applicable implementation plan, the Administrator shall, in accordance

with this subsection, object to its issuance. The permitting authority

shall respond in writing if the Administrator (A) within 45 days after

receiving  a copy of the  proposed permit under  subsection (a)(1), or

(B)  within  45 days  after  receiving  notification under  subsection

(a)(2),  objects in writing to its  issuance as not in compliance with

such requirements. With the objection, the Administrator shall provide

a statement of the reasons for the objection. A copy  of the objection

and statement shall be provided to the applicant.

   "(2) If  the  Administrator does  not  object  in writing  to  the

issuance  of  a  permit pursuant  to  paragraph  (1),  any person  may

petition  the Administrator within 60 days after the expiration of the

45-day review period specified in paragraph (1) to take such action. A

copy  of such petition shall  be provided to  the permitting authority

and the applicant by the petitioner.  The petition shall be based only

on  objections  to  the  permit   that  were  raised  with  reasonable

specificity  during   the  public  comment  period   provided  by  the

permitting agency (unless the  petitioner demonstrates in the petition

to   the  Administrator  that  it  was  impracticable  to  raise  such

objections within such period or unless the grounds for such objection

arose  after  such  period).  The petition  shall  identify  all  such

objections.  If the permit has  been issued by  the permitting agency,

such  petition shall not postpone the effectiveness of the permit. The

Administrator shall grant or  deny such petition within 60  days after

the  petition is  filed. The  Administrator shall  issue an  objection

within such period if the petitioner demonstrates to the Administrator

that the permit  is not in  compliance with  the requirements of  this

Act, including the requirements of the applicable implementation plan.

Any denial of such petition shall be subject to judicial review  under

section 307. The Administrator shall include in regulations under this

title provisions  to implement  this paragraph. The  Administrator may

not delegate the requirements of this paragraph.

   "(3) Upon receipt  of an objection by the Administrator under this

subsection, the permitting  authority may not issue  the permit unless

it is  revised and issued  in accordance with  subsection (c). If  the

permitting  authority has  issued  a permit  prior  to receipt  of  an

objection by the Administrator under paragraph (2) of this subsection,

the  Administrator shall modify, terminate,  or revoke such permit and

the permitting authority may thereafter only issue a revised permit in

accordance with subsection (c).

   "(c)  Issuance  or  Denial.-If  the  permitting  authority  fails,

within 90 days after the date of an objection under subsection (b), to

submit a permit revised to meet the objection, the Administrator shall

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