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   submit such a program under that subsection.

   "(c) Eligibility.-(1)  Except as  provided in  paragraphs (2)  and

(3), for purposes of this section, the term `small business stationary

source' means a stationary source that-

      "(A) is owned or operated by a person that employs 100 or fewer


      "(B)  is a  small  business concern  as  defined in  the  Small

   Business Act;

      "(C) is not a major stationary source;

      "(D) does  not emit 50 tons  or more per year  of any regulated

   pollutant; and

      "(E)  emits less  than  75  tons  per  year  of  all  regulated


   "(2)  Upon petition by a  source, the State may,  after notice and

opportunity for public comment, include as a small business stationary

source for purposes of  this section any stationary source  which does

not meet  the criteria of subparagraphs (C),  (D), or (E) of paragraph

(1) but  which does  not  emit more  than 100  tons  per year  of  all

regulated pollutants.

   "(3)(A) The Administrator,  in consultation with the Administrator

of the  Small Business Administration  and after providing  notice and

opportunity for public  comment, may exclude  from the small  business

stationary  source  definition  under  this section  any  category  or

subcategory  of  sources that  the  Administrator  determines to  have

sufficient  technical   and  financial   capabilities   to  meet   the

requirements of this Act without the application of this subsection.

   "(B) The  State, in  consultation with  the Administrator and  the

Administrator of the Small Business Administration and after providing

notice  and opportunity for public hearing, may exclude from the small

business stationary source definition  under this section any category

or subcategory of sources that the State determines to have sufficient

technical and financial capabilities to meet the requirements  of this

Act without the application of this subsection.

   "(d)  Monitoring.-The  Administrator  shall  direct  the  Agency's

Office  of Small  and Disadvantaged  Business Utilization  through the

Small Business Ombudsman (hereinafter in  this section referred to  as

the  `Ombudsman')  to monitor  the  small  business stationary  source

technical and  environmental compliance assistance program  under this

section.  In carrying  out such  monitoring activities,  the Ombudsman


      "(1) render  advisory opinions on the  overall effectiveness of

   the Small  Business Stationary Source  Technical and Environmental

   Compliance  Assistance  Program,  difficulties  encountered,   and

   degree and severity of enforcement;

      "(2) make periodic reports to the Congress on the compliance of

   the Small Business Stationary  Source Technical and  Environmental

   Compliance Assistance Program with the require-

   ments of the  Paperwork Reduction Act, the  Regulatory Flexibility

   Act, and the Equal Access to Justice Act;

      "(3)  review information  to  be issued  by the  Small Business

   Stationary   Source   Technical   and   Environmental   Compliance

   Assistance  Program  for  small  business  stationary  sources  to

   ensure that  the information is  understandable by the  layperson;


      "(4) have  the Small  Business Stationary Source  Technical and

   Environmental   Compliance   Assistance   Program  serve   as  the

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